Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I am indisposed

It's that time of year.

The beggining of the academic year always takes a large chunk of my time and energy away and its not untill things calm down that i get my hobby time back in any major way.

However, theres a further complication this year.

Deus ex: Human Revolution has me. I've clocked it once, on hard, but to make my life more awkward I've decided to chase the pacifist and "no alarms" acheivements.

So all my free time is being taken up by my xbox. it's a bout time, there hasnt really been a game since fallout new vegas to get me this interested.

rest assured normal service will be resumed once things quiet down. at the moment however i'm preparing to tech game design for another year, and playing the heck out of DX:HR.


  1. If your anything like me then chances are normal service will be a long way off:
    -Space Marine
    -Battlefield 3
    -Modern Warfare 3
    -Gears 3

    My girlfriends gonna have to book an appointment to spend time with me.

  2. I know what you mean, I just put some time in with this game this week and failed to sleep without realizing.

  3. Yeah my list differs in places, but has some similarities..

    Dead Island sep 9
    Rage oct 7
    Arkham city 21 oct
    Bf3 oct 28
    Skyrim nov 11
    Assasins Creed revelations nov 15

    always hated the gears mechanics, feels like running through treacle.. and the MW franchise is very pale compared to BF, so not my cup of tea either.

    that said i do own and have played all the previous incanrations.. peer pressure eh?

  4. Battlefield 3 has destroyed my hobby progress the last week.


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