Friday, 15 July 2011

Wolf Guard Terminator 2 - New Paint!

I’ve deliberately made this fellow brighter overall than the last, so that I can push the contrast more.


I made the decision also to photograph him on a darker background as one of you kindly pointed out via email the browns were quite pinkish on the last pics. I can attest it was purely the preponderance of blue combined with the auto- white balance on the camera throwing it out.


I’m fairly happy with this fellow, sure there’s some things to do better next time, but there’s also, I feel, improvement over the last one.



DSC_6697 DSC_6698  

This is most likely how I’ll paint the rest of them, with maybe some small refinements, such as; I plan to sponge on the masking fluid for the damage, I’ll work more carefully on the face and hair, I might try to push some of the other areas of contrast to pure white as well as gold. I’m close with the rest, but I hold back a little so that the gold looks “shiny”

Anyway, I’d be glad, as always to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That looks fantastic! The armor chipping looks awesome and the NMM on the gold is spectacular. My only quibble is the weapon housing on the Storm Bolter - I think it could benefit from a spot color that is different from the main armor color of the model, personally I'd either go with black and white to match his shoulder pad, or perhaps red to really make it pop. Don't get me wrong, it looks spectacular as-is, just a minor suggestion. Keep up the great work!

  2. Alright mate!

    Mini looks awesome! I've just decided to start SW's myself (as result of reading 'Battle of the Fang!) I'll definately be visiting your site for a bit of inspiration!

    I have to agree with Mordian7th - chipping is great, but the Storm Bolter does seem to be lacking colour. Think i'd be inclined to go with black if you decided to add colour.

    Great work!

  3. Hate to beat a dead horse, but I have to agree with both Mordian7th and GunGrave: you need a different color for the storm bolter housing. Black would be perfect, IMO. However, the model is very well-executed and your technical skills are pretty well-honed. Very nice mini!

  4. Nice job, agree about the boltgun, but other than that this is aces!

  5. looks great. I don't mind the weapon casing being the same color as the armor.

  6. The bolter casing doesn;t bother me as much as the scale of the battle damage (chipped paint). I;d love to see it a bit more refined and scaled down.
    It would give him a much more realistic weathered look I think.

    All in all, well done Sir.
    Ron, From the Warp

  7. Hi everyone, and thanks for the fantastic comments,

    I can see the Bolter issue is one that needs some attentions, so it’ll get it’s own post

    As regards Ron’s point, I agree, I’m going to have to experiment to fix it though

    The masking fluid is quite “gloopy” and I had already decided to apply my next lot with a sponge rather than a toothpick.

    If that still gives thicker results than I wanted I might have to goto hairspray/salt.

    I’ve only really used the masking fluid on vehicles before so it was a new experience for me, but the best thing about these two guys so far is just how much I’m learning. It’s been a while since I strayed from my comfort zone to this degree.

    Oh and Gungrave, I’m planning on a few step-by steps and maybe a vid so if you want to try for similar paint it should help :)

    Also, you realise these were the “BlogWars” discounted Wolf guard, right?

  8. wow the nmm and weathering is fantastic!


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