Monday, 25 July 2011

The Summer Project

Being and educator gives me good long summer holidays. I personally feel usually that I really need it, teaching is a challenging, performic profession and i enjoy and need my annual leave.

I’m also acutely aware that were I to just crack on with my usual hobby focus, I’d burn out. because I rarely go away I invest time in the house, garden and hobby, and were I to keep going with, say the space wolves, full pelt (pun intended) I'd be sick of them in a week.

So what I try to do is keep that investment of time the same, and work up a summer project. regular readers will remember various things, new armies started, Mordhiem re-positioned at the fore, etc.

Well this year is no different, but I don't want to post about it yet. I’d like to get a few things finished, get a game in then do a “reveal” if you like.

So rest assured, I’m chiselling away behind the scenes on something. it’s something that’s seen me use a few new suppliers and I’m mightily impressed, so the next few posts might be a shout out to a few suppliers you might not be aware of who are making some interesting products.

These aren't “adverts” and I'm not being paid, bribed or otherwise coerced, I just wish I’d known about a couple of these guys earlier :)

NB: a quick search for a relevant image gave me another blogger and educator making the same point! -


  1. I think I've got that original picture in an issue of the UK bike mag, Streetfighters.

    Good luck with your Summer Project. I actually have to do the opposite as I have hobby ADD and focus my efforts on NOT doing something different. I realise I have been working on my Red Scorpions for nearly a year now and don't even have 1500pts painted. But I do seem to have 6 million projects on the go at the moment which I need to stop and put away so I can focus.

  2. Best of luck with the summer project, wherever it leads you. I know exactly what you mean with a whole host of other things pressing on your time. Whenever you get there, and what ever it turns out to be, I am sure the project will be great!

  3. Red, that wouldnt surprise me, used to read that, the MSN and BSH myself :)

    It's coming along, should be a significant post on it by the weekend, though I've a game on saturday now too, so maybe into next week.

  4. Cool! Well played sir.


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