Sunday, 3 July 2011

Miniature Wargaming Conversions


If you Don’t know this site, you should.

You might notice two new banners/linkboxes to the side there, well they’re both to this site, for one, because their content is awesome, and always a good read, for two, because they regularly run competitions and giveaways like this conversion contest I urge you all to enter.

And lastly, and possibly most importantly because they are involved with a lot of charity work.

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Go on, click these links and have a read. They explain far better than I could. All in all I’ve watched this blog grow exponentially, from a few small giveaways, to massive followship (is that a word?) and prize support (a titan for the love of Steve!) to now hosting regular competitions and charity events.

IT makes you feel humble, and a little selfish, which All good charity projects should do. plus it’s just a cool blog, with good tutes etc.

I’m sure you’re all already followers, but if not, check em out.


  1. If only I hadn't already started painting my conversion attempt literally a couple of hour before that contest haha.

  2. It's always the way man :)


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