Saturday, 9 July 2011

The First Wolf Guard Finished

If you remember this is the first te4st guy, and no the final scheme, but I thought I’d finish him off.

DSC_6676 DSC_6677 DSC_6678 DSC_6679 DSC_6680

The latest WiP is a bit brighter than this overall, and the battle damage is achieved a different way, but hopefully this fellow won;t look too out of place in the finished lineup.

If I get the gold on the new guy finished he’ll be up in the next few days for you to compare.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice looking model, the gold looks really good and fits really well with the blue.

  2. I agree, the gold contrast is fanstatic and the blue stands out beautifully from the snow effects, without looking too fresh and new.

  3. Very nice, although I feel like the helmet could use some extra shading.

  4. I feel his gun would look better a different colour from his armour. Liking the freehand and battle damage.

  5. Very nice mini sir, I especially like the battle damage.

  6. Hi all and thanks for the positive comments , I'm really enjoying working on these guys, and once I am sorted with the scememight try and get some posts together about how I am painting them

    As to the two development points here, in the first instance, the helmet shading, I could maybe have pushed that contrast, but in my defence what I was going for was to have the wolf grey armour be almost a backdrop to the gold,

    The second one does have I think more contrast, I'll get him up soon...

    On the subject of the weapon colour, I went with the armour colour for a couple of reasons, yellow would have been difficult to pull off on a mini with nmm gold, black I felt would have been too muCh with the great wolf shoulder pad too, and red felt totally incongruous.

    I also saw a previous gd winner wolf guard in my research and his weapon was armour coloured, I thought it was a neat idea :)

    If it looks dull on a whole army I can always consider a repaint on the weapon cowls

  7. The gold looks awesome, really well done.

    I'm not having half the success you are with my Space Wolves.


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