Thursday, 28 July 2011

Aux Dear…

Those of you already bitten by this bug (puns intended) Will recognise the Steampunk Arachnid Sward from Malifaux.


This game system is what’s got my attention this summer, not at the expense of my wolves, but alongside.

The low model count skirmish game has a “buy-in” less than most 40k units, an intriguing card-based play system and some amazingly sculpted models. if you like figs, it’s worth a look even if you’ve no intention of playing. I was considering painting a few of these guys as display pieces a couple of years ago when they came out, but now they have a successful and interesting game system, I couldn't hold out any longer.

DSC_6717 DSC_6718 DSC_6719

I intend to paint these guys fairly well, as they have a low count for a crew, I want to do my best with them, the models are very well detailed but some small parts and tiny features makes them hard to assemble and I wouldn't recommend it for the very young, or if you’re a bit shy of putting in a pin here and there.

This piece represents a Steampunk arachnid swarm, which in play can be split into individual spiders, and re-formed, so these guys are all magnetised.

 DSC_6720 DSC_6721 DSC_6722

I’m fairly happy with the paint, my base sculpting could be better, but these are without static grass and weathering until they are dullcoted.

I’ve 1 more set of these guys, a master and a huge arachnid thingy to get through (The Ramos box if that means anything to you all), oh and a board underway, though that needs a lot more work yet.


So there you have it, that’s the summer distraction, a game system with awesome minis, an interesting skirmish card based mechanic, and adding a new “unit” will cost 5-6 quid after a twenty quid buy in for figs. Rulebook a tenner. That’s it. you can buy a special deck of cards or play with a normal deck. the deck is four quid.


GW need to shake up their specialist games if they want to compete with this.


  1. Great use of the magnets to get around buying loads or extra models!

    It's good to see another 40k player take a look at Malifaux. If you don't get totally hooked it will make a great distraction because it is so different.

    I would suggest stacking your gaming table with terrain, much more than you would for a small 40k game. Shooty crews will tear you apart if the table is open.

    Hope you enjoy playing as much as you seem to painting the models!

  2. The table is looking nice so far. I agree with Dark Templar that it does look a bit sparse to me too (though I've always been a fan of lots of terrain)

  3. I am so damn tempted by that game! I will have an eye on your blog so see what your experience with it will be.

  4. The table is very inspirational, I would love to build something like that for my 15pt Warmachine Games!

  5. I bought the Lady Justice set a while ago, put the minis together and undercoated them. A few more inspiring posts like this one and I'll finally have to take the brush and put some paint on them!

  6. Hehe I'll have to get going on that then Viruk :)

    Thanks for the comments guys, I did reply earlier in the week but I guess my ipad ate it, it does that sometimes.

    The table is sparse here, but there are woods, marshland and walls hill etc in progress.

    we managed a quick game on it, and it worked quite well. but that middle needs some more cover as it stands, I'd like to get hold of a couple of cart/wagon models to use there... hmmm

    tables like this are far easier to build than they look, especially if you have a garage... the only thing most people who already model might not have is a hot wirecutter, and you can manage with a kitchen knife..


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