Tuesday, 5 July 2011

After asking you all about drop pods…

Would it be very wrong of me to sack it off and go Foot?


Rune priest (living lightening and tempest’s)

3x WGT squads

5WGT; 1 TH/SS, 1 PW/SB, 1 SB/CF, 1 SB/WC, 1 SB/WC/CML

1xWGT squad (Logan goes here)

5WGT; 1 TH/SS, 1 PW/SB, 1 SB/CF, 1 SB/WC, 1 AC/PF

1x PC/ML Dread

1x MM/DCCW Dread

2x MM Land Speeders

bang on 1750

not competitive, but then neither am I, and with a bit of practice it might give a few people a surprise.

dropping the drop pods and fettling a bit gets me the extra squad.

at 2k the dreads get pimped more and I add 2x dakka preds.

I need to get some games in with it, to really know where it needs tweaking to fit me, but it should be a solid base to build from.


  1. Be a shame to not see nicely painted drop pods but it's your army and if you like the idea if dreadnoughts and tactical dreadnought armour go for it you already have a pair of funky looking terminators fresh from the painting table so maybe it was meant to be

  2. If you are going to go on foot you will need more bodies. A Logan wing is not going to survive the onslaught of fire directed at them. I myself play a Logan Drop pod list but still use grey hunters. They are a solid choice and are excellent when paired up with a Wolf Guard for ad hoc Sgt.

  3. On the comment made by O'Shashar, perhaps consider including a squad or two of wolf scouts to make your opponent think twice about sitting at the back of the field and hosing you off the table.

    Otherwise, great fun list, I'm currently playing around with an all foot Space Wolves list, although made out of the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws I already have and it can be fun

  4. Hm, I get the reservations, and I know it's not many bodies, but Deathwing seem to cope (I know belail basically gets me another termie squad when compared with logan's points, but still..)

    as for backfeild threat, I did toy with the idea of wolf scouts, but i went with the DSing speeders instead, I know that's less survivability, but..

    Here's the thing, I know it wont be competetive by interwebz standards, but I decided not to listen to that tourney WAAC list building stuff, take some basic things I know work, and make my own mistakes, let a list evolve that will work with my playstyle and see where I ended up.

    sure that means I need to play more, and that's difficult, but I'm working on it. and if the end result is that i actually have an army that's as well creafet to suit me in playstle as it is in appearance, i'll be all the happier.

    that dosent mean I dont want the advice : otherwise posting would be pointless, i think it just means i'm going to try and make my ow mistakes after i consider the options.


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