Friday, 3 June 2011

With a day to spare!

It seems my blog wars paint is in hand.

I’ve still got tweaks to do, like the muzzles havent been dirtied down yet, and the russ’ oil paints are drying as we speak, but I’m all good for units painted for blog wars, and I’ve got tomorrow in hand.


The light isn't great, still on my new setup, I'll have to fix that. here’s the Cadians I needed to by Wysiwyg, two meltas a sergeant without special weapons and a new Harker, to mark the occasion. still distance to travel with that notion though.


The second elysian squad, armed with grenade launchers.


The second stormtrooper squad, with 2x melta, apparently led by Jason Statham. they should be okay then.

I’m impressed that with some pewter butchery I managed to get two full 2x melta squads out a single kasrkin box set with a flamer, grenade and hellguns. with the rise of finecast, gone are such challenges. :(

anyway if you’re on your way to blog wars, I’ll see you there!


  1. Why don't you enter some of these into the fallen princes "squad" painting competition

  2. A day in hand ? So you've even time for varnish ?! There is no end to your talents.

  3. Well done mate, well impressed. Your Harker model looks good now he is painted. Can still help you out if you want to do another version. Have fun and good luck. I'm hoping to get on the next one they run.

  4. Hi guys and thanks for the comments,

    Dimmy, I'm not sure itd be fair to post stuff I've already painted - but.. I am constantly working on things, so I might throw the "next big thing" into the pot for the comp, thanks for the heads up :)

    Zzzz, yeah, and for the first time ever i got "there and back again" without needing to do a single reapir. I think everythiong thats going to break in transit on this army has already broken and been pinned :)

    Dave, thanks man, I think I will at some point look into a "proper" harker, and now that finecast is out, maybe even with the harker model :)

    you should definately come though, all of you it was a really good day :)

  5. These really are fantastic!

    Hope all's well.


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