Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time to focus on a new project: Space Wolves

So for a while now I’ve been putting all my energy into my guard, and if you look back through the blog you might see the odd Space Wolf  and the odd Ork.

Well I finally have my guard “Finished”.

new set up

This set up here, with the addition of the guys here

DSC_6599 copy copy

now all painted (yeah, I know I need to tak eanother army shot)

Anyway. Now I now that, okay, nothing is ever finished, there are things I want to add, but I have an apoc-playable points value of Guard painted to a decent standard and ready to go whenever. So that tells me it’s time to get some of my other guys up to snuff and out of primer.

I have been reflecting on the armies I own and what I want to develop. I currently have a totally painted guard force, a DH codex mostly painted =][= force, a small contingent of Ultras, Orks, some painted, some not, and Space Wolves, mostly unpainted.

guardsman I love the guard, and being vets they play in the middle of the 40k spectrum, not horde, not elite, able to gunline or assault, they really are the swiss army knife, able to do everything but not excelling at any really. they stay and are my current “go-to” army.




DSC_5019 The DH. I’ll be honest I don't like the new codex. it’s too cheesy by far, and I wouldn't feel right playing it. so they stay shelved for now.







DSC_4974 The smurfs, well I’ve no real interest in developing them, they aren't well painted or really a cohesive force, so they wont be saleable, so they stay boxed and get the occasional use as a “foe” or guest army.






DSC_5453 The Orks, my horde, I love them they let me paint green and yellow and are fun to model, they stay.









coolminigreyhunter And the wolves. well here's the tricky one, I wasn't totally happy with the test models, or the pseudo netlist I was working with. but out of all the above, a plan begins to form.







I’m aiming then for three working armies, the Guard, which is done, the Orks who will be a horde and the Wolves, who to fill the playstyle slot, need to be built as an elite force.

Yeah, I’m building a loganwing.

I know that they suck, I know DA and Belial do it better, I know. But I want to do it, I’m excited about it, and so I’m doing it.

Expect to see a lot of termies hereabouts. and a lot of losses :)


  1. It's very hard not to love and covet your stuff, y'know...!

    - Chris

  2. Not to worry about the losses. We all loose at some point, the important bit is to have fun playing the game!

  3. Like what I say to people who are starting in the Hobby or are going to start a new Army. Go for what you like the look and feel of. Who care's if it is a competitive army just as long you enjoy having fun with them. We know we play with guard who at times are the most funniest army to play with.

  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for dropping by and commenting. :)

    Drax, you'll make me blush ;)

    Siwoc, Absolutely man, I have always viewed this as a narrative experience rather than a competetive one, it's why I dont usually go for tournaments.

    Thanks Rihard :) I'm enjoying the current build phase.

    Dave, I admit I;ve been itching for a termie army for ages, and DA just dont do it for me, well that's not true, back in the day I had quite a large DA army (when they were black :) ) but yeah, i didnt fancy it again.

    The wolfguard kits are just too good not to, so here we are :)


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