Monday, 20 June 2011

Space Wolf Dreadnought Conversions

Continuing the theme of sorting out my space wolf army, and essentially “giving up” as my mate puts or, or “shelving” some of my other guys, I thought I;d show you what I’ve done to these guys.

DSC_5340 DSC_4203

Yeah, my Grey knight and AoBR Ultra dreads.

DSC_6616 DSC_6617

I stripped off any conversion bitz and detached the arms, piling everything in some of plastic tub.

DSC_6618 DSC_6619

Then I introduced them to an hour of fairy power spray.


The GK dread came out stripped to its primer, but the UM one needed more persuading, so back in it went.


My bitzbox and Greenstuff and a blast of new primer later, and here we have two new Space Wolf dreads.

The las/missile guy, he looks like he was a long fang in life, so i gave him iconography according, and then I carried on to give my close range dread some blood claw iconography.

I’m also thinking of painting the right arm of each black, and giving them Logan’s icon there, as though these Dreads are still wolf guard.

Weep not for them, for they have found new life in service :)


  1. I didnt know that Fairy could strip plastic minis!

    Good tip!

  2. I normally use original Dettol to strip mine down though takes a while for the smell to leave them. Does the Power Spray leave a smell or require some "gentle persuasion" with a toothbrush to get the paint off?

  3. Yeah you give those dred's a wash. But I never really thought you could strip paint from plastic models. Do you think you could do the same on resin?

  4. Fairy power spray? Who'd have thought? Well you obviously but not me thats for sure!

    Might have to give that a bash some time.

  5. In Russia, for paint stripping tool is used to clean the pipes, which is called the "Sleeper"

  6. That Fairy spray is now on my shopping list for sure. Thanks for that.

  7. Very nice, can't wait to see them painted

  8. Wow, thanks guys :)

    Yeah Fairy power spray :)

    I've seen the yanks go on about "pine sol" and couldnt find it, but looked into what it does, and it seems FPS does the same, I googled that and saw other mini painters had used it, so gave it a go.

    I used to use Dettol, but it makes the paint gooey and theres a lot of fiddling about and brushing.

    with the fairly it usually just sloughs off, and i have to sometimes use a needle in the corners.

    I use it an hour at a time, sometimes two dunks, i rarely takes the primer i use off, just the paint. and its never harmed the plastic.

    Ive yet to try it on resin, so my advice would be try a bit of sprue. I might even give this a go myself as a test.

  9. Oh it's probably also worth pointing out that I reuse the fairy :)

  10. I did dunk a peice of resin spure.

    It came out unharmed, so I beleive this would work fine on resin.

    as always howefver, test yourself first, resin mixes can vary wildly.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Most spray primers are alcohol-based, so they will not dissolve in common soap-based cleaners (like fairy). A dunk in denatured ethanol for som 10-15 min and a gentle!! rub with a toothbrush should do the trick.


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