Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Small Change

Having hit 300+ followers, I figure it’s time I share the love properly, finally pulled my head out of my ass and put a proper blogroll up.

The 400+ blogs I follow appear in the list, but only the top 25 recently posted will be visible.

I’m thinking of a bit of a redesign so take this as the first tiny step in that direction.

I wont be changing what I do at all, but I wouldn't have 300 followers with the blogrolls of others, so I slapped one up.

If you aren't in there, and think you’d like to be, let me know in a comment :)


  1. I'd like to be =]
    Also, my one's have scrollbars, it keeps it a little more compact. If you take a look at my page and see what I mean. If you wanna do that I'll let you know how.

  2. Took a look and didn't see me,

    I'd love to be added, thanks.

  3. I'd like to be added too :D

  4. Warflake, Zerloon, Consider yourselves added :)

    Dylan, you're already in there :)

    what i'll maybe do is put an expansion option on so it shows more than the 25 more recent.

    theres over 400 blogs in my roll, so I'd suggest even then that the best time to check is shortly after you post something :)

    blogger is twitchy though as sometimes you wont show in blogrolls till the google reader tracker updats, which can be a while.

    looking at your own stuff using google reader can sometimes force an update though.


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