Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Second Drop Pod Conundrum

Dreadnought drop pods.

What do you do?

It seems there are three choices, none of them ideal.

Forge world


Awesome model, but.. over fifty quid a pop. for what is essentially terrain. hm.

Games Workshop


Lots of folk use a normal DP and don't put the harnesses in. but similarly, some folk have issues with that, cos “it’s not the right one”.

Scratch build

Drop Pod WIP

Okay, so the effort would be an issue here, but also, it’s highly unlikely that you;d be able to make opening doors, and no matter your skills, it’s still going to feel, if not look like a blue peter job.

I honestly think this is the only model in the whole of the GW codex/range that has this issue. and it’s simply because there is a model that’s almost right.

Tyranid? no issue, there isn't a model, do your best.

I suppose the best analogue is the Hydra, there isn't a GW model, but there is a FW one, so some use FW and some build their own conversions of chimera. either is valid, no-one complains.

But somehow the dread drop pod causes more issues than that.

So, Where do you stand, scratch, FW or GW without it’s guts?


(images borrowed from the net, if it’s yours, and you’d like me to take it down, please drop me a line. no infringement or claim is intended.)


  1. I say the GW pod is the way to go. Anyone giving you serious problems over it is, to borrow the term from you fellas across the pond: a wanker.

  2. Use the GW pod. It's what I do, and everyone else I know does. Nobody shells out the dough for the FW ones anymore (since GW released the plastic ones).

  3. Use GW cos then you can use it for either troops or the dread, and it's easy

  4. GW pod all the way. I can't understand why anyone would give you grief over it.

  5. If anybody wants to give you grief over the GW pod, you should offer to let them pitch-in a donation for your FW upgrade.

  6. GW pod - no need for FW for that. Codex doesn't make a distinction, no need for you to either.

    I have a bunch of CNC "troop landers" I use for my all-drop army. For my newer marines I plan to use a couple of GW pods so they can open, including one without the guts for a dread.

  7. I'll add to the majority - use the GW pod without the guts, as that's what I do, and my fellow gamers don't seem to fuss one bit. It's better than a scratchbuild that wouldn't open, IMO, as the TLOS is better represented with the GW, at least, in regards to the open doors and window of sight through it.

  8. Hookay :)

    GW pod then :)

    I'll leave the guts out. maybe some foot clamps

    you know what else bothers me? those harnesses arent right for 5 termies.

  9. Scratch Build. Like you I don't want to pay the price for FW (although given current Australian prices it might actually be cheaper at the moment), but people using the normal Pod just irks me. I'm fine for my opponent to do it, but if it's my army, either scratch built or FW, or not at all.

  10. As another Aussie I would probably go the FW one as the price is comparable to the GW ones for us downunder.


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