Monday, 27 June 2011

Logan Grimnar, Rune Priest and Wolf Guard Terminators Built!

So I’ve assembled the wolfwing troops for now. I’m not sure 15 is enough at 1750, but with thier support we’ll see how they do and adjust accordingly.

It’s really no hardship to build these :)

The Man Hisself, Logan:


And the squad he will lead:

DSC_6654 DSC_6655 DSC_6656 DSC_6657


The Rune Priest:


and his Squad:

DSC_6658 DSC_6659 DSC_6660 DSC_6661

This fellow:


at 1750 is just a termie with TH/SS and a Squad leader, but at higher points he can stand in for Arjac

DSC_6662  DSC_6664 DSC_6665  

His Squad is rounded out by the guy you’ve seen getting test paint.

Not a lot of dudes.

The plan is for drop pods all round, the two Dreads youve already seen, two MM/MM speeder and two AC/HB Preds.

Like I say likely not at all optimal, but should be fun and I’ll let you know once I get a playtest or two in :)

For now…



  1. Excellent work, those look fantastic.

  2. Agreed, Logan is simply Awe ispiring

  3. Those look brilliant, and I can't wait to see them with paint on them.

    Sounds like a fun army to play, yes it won't be too competitive (although I imagine it'll surprise some), but a good army anyways.

  4. Thankyou everyone, I'm quite happy with how theyve come out.

    I think 1 more squad to take the total list to 2k, then if I go beyond that its the usual Space wolf suspects, GH, LF and actually, those bikers I built.

    man I;ve got to get to painting :)

  5. Simply outstanding!

    On your conversion of Logan Grimnar, how did you create his arm with the bolted-on storm bolter?

    I just have to know!


  6. i am also curious as to what parts you have used for your logan conversion. it looks fantastic.

  7. Okay, so Logan parts list..

    the torso/head is a single cast from the FW termie upgrade set.

    legs are the WGT kit with the pelt, belt of russ from the space wo9lf pack box..

    arm and bolter from the grey knight termie kits.. ordered off a bitz site

    axe hane.. its a TH arm with grip.. the heas is made from two of the 2h frost axes from the wolf pacl and 4x gs pressmolds of half of the wolf hammer head from the same kit, all layered together.

    pelt is from the WGT kit with a liberal amount of GS to put the head central instead of over a shoulder.

    I think thats it :)

  8. thanks for the breakdown. i think that conversion deserves its own showcase. Id love to see more pics of it.


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