Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Drop Pod Conundrum

To Glue, or not to Glue, that is the question.

Whether tis nobler on the table to weather the ..


Images stolen from GW as mine aren't painted yet, used without permission

Yeah, I’m done with that. but the question remains.

I’m going to go through the arguments here, because I really can see both sides.

Glue em shut!

Because most other vehicles have glued shut doors.

Because nid drop pod (spore whatsists) conversions have glued shut doors

Because the fluff says the blow off, not open so whats the point.

Because we measure from the hull anyway.

Because painting inside vehicles is hard.

Leave em openable!

Because they are meant to open on landing, dummy.

Because it prevents LOS arguments

Because the gun is inside!


You see I’m not debating how the model works, what its rules are etc.

I fully accept that you can draw LOS through a drop pod after landing and it confers a cover save. I accept that however its modelled you can fire the bolter/missiles after landing. This is because in the rule the doors come off when it lands. I’m not suggesting as some RAW adherents will that i can deploy 2” from the tip of a door because its open topped, I fully accept it’s the hull I deploy from.

Ultimately I think I’m planning on gluing them shut, because I’m working on this whole army being NMM and having 5 drop pods.

25 NMM drop pod tread plate door insides would probably drive me mad.

So, If I turn up with glued Drop Pods, but fully accepts that they aren't LOS blocking and assert I can fire out too, would you find that a problem?

Or should I just shut up and paint the damn things inside and out?


  1. I always like to see a drop pod painted inside and out -- it just feels more authentic on the table top when the opponent opens the ramp up!

  2. I'm with Jabber on this – definitely inside and out (though I can't talk as I didn't even finish the outside of my single Drop Pod!)

    If nothing else it seems a terrible waste of money to glue them shut. You can get around the multitude of NMM treadplates by choosing a high contrast scheme.

  3. Or, you could just not have doors at all. Best of both worlds (except the painting side).

  4. I think visually it's better to have the doors open and lets face it, one of the biggest aspects of this game is its visual appeal.

    The best solution is to magnetize them. It's super easy and gives you the ability to keep them shut or open them up if/when you want. It's a win win situation.

  5. Thanks for the responses guys,I'll be honest, I also tend towards open, and I do have a backup plan for the paint, BUT...

    I need two dread drop pods.

    It feels a bit odd using normal pods, the FW ones would be kinda expensive, aso I was thinking of a scratch build.

    but that wouldnt have hinged doors.

    so some would open, some wouldnt.

    maybe i need to bite the bullet and grab the FW ones eventually.

  6. I'll support the dark side on this one... keep them shut! They look amazing on the inside, but you'll save a ton of time painting and I've found the doors open just get in the way half the time; especially when you deep strike next to a building or a combat that's going on.

  7. Leave'em open, and accept the pain. :)

  8. why not put magnets to keep them shut and then paint the insides at your leasure? Functionally the same but reversible later on if you choose to NMM the insides (though tbh, if you manage to pull that off, you need to post pictures because that will be insane)

  9. Drop Pods are a great idea, however GW has not given much thought to the rules. The DP has a gun but in certain positions the 'wings' block LoS. Those of us using the older DP's (resin) have a solid core in their DP and that does block 'True LoS'.

    If the doors are blown, do they slow opposition troops and vehicles from moving over them?

    I know a certain 'rules lawyer', who says that when his DP's land on the table they are treated as if they are invisible! So no cover save there? However the fact is, the guy NEVER uses DP's, so he can say what he wants as it will only affect your play with your DP's!

    I prefer that they block LoS like any other vehicle unless you can draw T-LoS through it with your LASER.

    I will leave mine so that they open, fingers crossed that GW works out a better set of rules for them.

  10. I do like to see open doors on the drop pods as the inside does have a nice amount of detail and being on display makes you feel its worth it more than say on a rhino. If you did glue them shut as long as people could lift them up to see something behind it and be granted a cover save and cant see anyone complaining.

    A third alternative might be to have the doors be removable / unattached to begin with as when they land the doors blow off and have no further purpose so you would never see them with doors unless you pretend to make them drop from the sky. Only issue with this for myself would be the cost of the model with no doors might seem high.

  11. You know what, I'm sold. Openable it is.


    I think I;ve a way round the nmm. I'll have to do a test model and see what happens :)

    in other news, the Dread drop pod question nags at me. that might be another post :)

  12. Do them with doors that open. Just drybrush the hell out of the inside? As for Dread pod, how about just constructing without the central column and harnesses? Or magnetize the door/floor section from the 'wings' so the central parts can be inserted or taken off depending how you are using them, troops or dreads. I am currently magnetizing a Deathstorm pod to be either a Dread pod or Deathstorm in this manner. Will post soon.


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