Sunday, 29 May 2011

You can never have too much metal.


Trying to get caught up with my Blog Wars painting, this week has seen my finish a Russ, two Hydras and a Bane Wolf. I also finally got round to using two of the metal crewmen I’ve had for a while.

 DSC_6605 DSC_6606 

The Russ, nothing special, in it’s normal configuration here, but this is the one you saw me magnetise fully the other day.

Told you those magnets on the side wouldn't look too weird :)

 DSC_6608 DSC_6609

Bane Wolf. again this is magnetised, but photographed in its Blog Wars configuration. I tried to branch out a little with my markings here, while still making everything thing feel like it belongs to the same force.

 DSC_6610 DSC_6611

And the Hydra. pig of a model to build, but decent looking once finished.

Again I mixed up the markings, and am quite pleased with them, and again used a metal crewman in emulation of the build on the FE website.

These vehicles have had my usual paint and weathering treatment which can be found by clicking the links.

This leaves me just with twenty single minis to paint and another russ.

I can do that. *ulp*

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Love your painting. The vehicle weathering looks great and I like the markings too.

  2. Great painting! I like the crewmen to.

    Did you use a sponge for weathering your tanks?


  3. The folks from "Manowar" would shout "If you're not into metal, you are not my friend!" Great job, as usual. One has to hoard the old metal goodies, with the resin demons raising their heads.

  4. It looks great! As said above the weathering is really a good job! Now fire those guns!!!!

  5. Your stuff is beautiful and I've no doubt you'll have it all done before the deadline, even if it doesn't get varnished ;)

    Interesting post title as well.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I made some good progress today towards the blog wars paint queue, I got a squad of stortroopers done, and put the finish on a squad of ELysians. that leaves me with 1 Russ, and 4 cadians to paint up to by mostly WYSIWYG for the tourney.


    I'll put some pics up once they are based.

    Oh and Seb? I do indeed use a sponge, among other things. - take a look at the linked post in "weathering" it'll show you everything I do.


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