Sunday, 8 May 2011

Stylish with the what now?


So I’ve seen this floating around the ether like another potentially world-ending Meme..


I glanced at it, and wrote it off as not much better than a chain letter. i tutted and sighed at it’s insistence I share seven things about myself and nominate 10 more people to receive this “award”, full of scorn at this self-propagating thing, a notch above a facebook “send to 10 ppl or ur mom will die” message.

And then I got a mention in someone's list. not just someone. Klaus; you know, the utterly awesome scratch builder and modeller from Dei Greci.

And now I have to recant, because to receive an accolade from a blogger like Klaus is really very cool. I understand now. it’s not the wonderfully designed logo that makes this an award, nor is the sharing of seven wonderful facts the heart warming part of this thing.

It’s the fact that someone out there who you admire says they think what your doing is cool too.

So now I need to pull together a list of bloggers I admire, thats going to be hard, becase there are so many.oh and I need to link back to Klaus.. okay done that.

oh, aaand tell you seven things about me. that’s easy, lets do that first.

1) I teach computer game design in the uk.

2) I have a three legged ginger cat.

3) I originally trained at an avant garde arts college, creating installations and time based sculpture and performance work.

4) i got over it.

5) I am from Lancashire originally,

6) I’m horribly dyslexic

7) I had an eldar army before there were aspect warriors.


okay, and onto the blogs. Sorry Klaus, this one is going to look quite a bit like yours.


From the warp. - Where would we all be without Ron? fumbling in the dark like a teenager in a cupboard at a party, that’s where.

Dave taylor – I’ve stolen so many Ideas from him I figure I owe him a nod on this list

Massive Voodoo – inspirational painter, generous blogger, read this one.

Admiral Drax – wicked conversions, and an all round good bloke.

Galaxy in flames – Jim was the first respondant on this blog, my first commenter, and his blog is a wicked read, good for breaking you out of your hobby rut and looking at things a new way.

Carmens fun painty time – amazing paint, non-GW models and stunning conversion and photography, whats not to like

Dei greci – Klaus does things with plasticard that make me weep. no, not those things, just check him out.

Tower of heroes – this man’s paint makes me green.

And for slightly different reasons

devos iv – Zzzzz has shown me that it IS safe to go to the house of someone you meet on the internet and play 40k. not everyone is cannibals

from the fang – for organising blog wars. seriously. you should go to this.

I seriously could write twenty more, so please don't be offended if you aren't here. there are sooo many outstanding blogs out there – I’m following over 450 blogs, some active, some inactive; but I at least scan every new post that appears, every day or two.

I wouldn't be without any of them

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