Sunday, 15 May 2011

Other bloggers aren’t cannibals*

*Mostly. (not a guarantee,excommunicate traitoris takes no responsibility for other bloggers who choose to visit with people who may or may not be cannibals)

last weekend I jetted off down a very wet M42 to meet with a few fellow bloggers and roll some dice. Zzzzzz was our gracious host, also in attendance were Admiral Drax (who I found out was at the same uni at the same time as me, for a year. bloody odd place this world.) and Sovietspace who has a new, beautifully painted nurgle army led by an evil thing I'd never seen fielded before.

I took some pictures, but my blackberrycrappycam and the lighting did not aid me in my reportage.

IMG00073-20110507-1358 IMG00075-20110507-1358 IMG00077-20110507-1359 IMG00080-20110507-1419 IMG00081-20110507-1419 IMG00083-20110507-1435 IMG00085-20110507-1549 IMG00086-20110507-1549 IMG00087-20110507-1549 IMG00088-20110507-1549

The day saw Drax and I on the side of the imperium, while Zzzzzz and Sov took on the more disloyal side of the fence.

Zzzzzz’s own blog already has a lovely account of the combat patrol we played, in which Drax’s guard gunline climbed out of the trenches and walked slowly towards the enemy, strangely prevailing almost totally unsupported for three turns until my air cavalry arrived in the proverbial nick of time. (actually, probably a bit late, but hey )

We then played a crazy apoc game which saw scores of valks, tanks and light armour, and no less than three super heavies (two Baneblades and a Stormlord)

It was really good to meet everyone and to get some gaming in, I don't do enough of it.

Rest assured these pictures don't do it justice.


  1. Thanks for putting up the pics Karitias, I'll have to get mine up shortly! It was a pleasure meeting you mate!

    And anyway, the daemon Ku'gath isn't evil, just misunderstand. Mainly because he has a rubbish name!

  2. It was just cool with a captial K. I need to sort out the lunch thing for next time. Even if we do end up with wotsit powder as a new weathering layer.

    The fots are good. My stuff doesn't look quite so unfinished when pictured 'in action'.

  3. Hi Gents,

    "Kool" yes, yes that's it :)


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