Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Magnetising Made Easy - Hellhound


Magnetising vehicles is an investment of time in the build phase, but it’s such a good idea to take that time and do it. the flexibility this gives your models as playing pieces is huge, I wish I’d started doing this earlier, being the list tweaker I am.

The Hellhound is a very simple model to magnetise, requiring no advanced modelling skill, just a few magnets of different sizes a sharp blade, some superglue and a little putty.


The first thing to do is glue some plasticard behind the opening for the hull mounted weapon. If you done have plasticard, a small piece of sprue would work, or in a pinch thick card.

glue a small flat magnet to the middle of this.

next we need to stick corresponding magnets into the weapon options. (watch your polarities!)

DSC_6574 DSC_6575

Where we have a solid weapon, drill a 1mm hole and insert a 1mm diameter magnet. job done.

DSC_6576 DSC_6577

Where we have a weapon with a void, I use a larger magnet and gap fill the void with GS. DSC_6580


Voila, done. this is the same for every chimera chassis you own.


the turret is slightly more complex, but not by much.


the first stage is to glue magnets to the back of each weapon option, then allow it to grip a second magnets and dry fit this in the turret receiver.

You'll see the magnets is am using fall short. I simply measured a peice of pcard, (again use sprue) as a spacer and glued the spacer and magnet in place.


you will need to widen the square hole a little, but gentle rotation of a scalpel blade will take care of it.


Then simply assemble the turret (you can see the weapons in the background) and you’re good to go, the weapons clip in and out and wont fall off.




Devil Dog


Hope that was of use. The Russ is next.

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