Friday, 20 May 2011

Leman Russ Smoke Launcher tweak

After Commissar Dave’s comment pointing out what I already knew, –( that my placement of the smoke launcher on the most recent Russ looked daft :) ) I set out in search of a solution.


I hacked it up to look more like a “proper” one, as the supplied part looks daft to me, and that monstrously big thing sat on my track covers usually offends me so much i dont use it.

I felt I had to put this one on tho as I’m off to a tourney and want to try for wysiwyg as much as possible, at least as far as weapons and gadgets go. I’m not about to start pulling dozer blades off tho. :)



  1. I'm Liking that my man looks more realistic now. That the trouble with GW some times, some of it looks like it is out of a comic book.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog point's well made.

  2. Much better than unmodified part. Actually, I've seen a similar design somewhere - ah yes, Nebelwerfer launchers mounted on World War II German tanks. Fit the Imperial esthetic perfectly.

  3. Dave, Marcin, thanks guys, glad you like the part. I think I'll be doing similar on all my vehicles now, so thanks for the original comments Dave, Ive finally got a way to use these things that I dont think is hideous :)


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