Monday, 23 May 2011

Gunnery Sgt Harker – Conversion 2.0

If you remember last year, I made Cadian versions of a few of the character models from the Guard Codex.

This was my Harker -


Well With Blog wars looming and my plan being to take Harker as my Unique, I thought I’d revisit the concept and see if I couldn't manage something a bit more dynamic and interesting than just “guardsman with a Hvy Bolter”

Here's 2.0


DSC_6602 DSC_6603 DSC_6604

Some of the pics are a tad shaky, but I think you can just about make out what’s been attempted.

Yes, that is a green beard.

he’s more dynamic that he predecessor, leading his men on, which I feel is apt for an assault squad, I’m not toally happy with the angle on the ammo belt, but bolter round sized ammo belts are hard to come by (these are from the dark angel ravenwing bike sprues.)

I’m not adverse to tweaking if anyone has any recommendations.

I’d even take a “why bother the first one is better” ;)


  1. I think he looks great. I might consider taking away the first three shells on the ammo belt though. It might make it hang a little more naturally. You might even be able to add them back onto the other end? Honestly, I'd probably not noticed the ammo belt if you hadn't mentioned it though...

  2. To be honest mate I'm not so keen. The pose looks all wrong to me. I mean Heavy Bolters are huge thing's and not even Space Marines run around one handed with them. Also in the codex this guy is described as being a giant of a man.

    Now I do have a solution for you. I have in my possesion a original box set of Schaeffer's Last Chancers and in it is Ox who carries a heavy bolter. He also has the ammo link wraped around his body and there is also link hangging from the bolter, also he is a giant of a man. With a little conversion work if you wanted he can fit into your army, or just leave him as he is. But I feel that this would be a better model for you and give you the effect's you are after.

    I am more than willing to let you have this for free if you want if you think you can make use, and if you want I can take a few pic's for you and send them. Plus this model has not been painted.

    Let me know what you think and anything you decide is cool by me.

  3. Thanks Geek, and yeah, if it continues to bug me I'll rework.

    Dave, I get what you're saying, and I know he's supposed to be bigger than your average bear. and I really appreciate the offer of "Ox", I'm not very familiar with that mini, but I checked out a pic, and he seems to have essentially the same issues as the pewter(Finecast) harker model.

    in that, he dosent look at all cadian. the bare arms, vest top etc, just wont fit my idea of a combat effective guy, nor willl they match what Ive got.

    now, wether I could convert either, say to have a cadian helmet, sculpt some sleves and a flak armour torso,maybe that's something I could do.

    I can't do that for saturday week however, so maybe theres a Harker 3.0 in my future, and maybe that's the opportunity finecast offers me. or maybe ox would make a good stand in, I need to find some more pics, and give it sufficient thought.

    but I think its a project to think about after the dust has settled from blog wars.

  4. The Catachan command box has a beefy sized guy in a flak jacket like a Cadian would wear. Maybe that with a Cadian head and legs? Big burly Catachan arms to hold the gun? He'd still look reasonably Cadian but definitely bigger than most Cadians.

  5. Nah, The guy with the green beard is mostly augmetic. He's been shot and blown up so many times (coz its hard to duck and run when you're lugging a HB around) that he's now mostly bionic.

  6. Maybe a bit too late now, but here's a tutorial on making a different style heavy bolter that could more credibly be held by a normal soldier:


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