Saturday, 21 May 2011

Blog Wars list

lots to do, oh my, oh my.

DSC_6599 copy copy

1. Primaris Psyker

2. Veteran Squad with 3xMelta guns and Chimera (Hull flamer)

3. Veteran squad with 3xFlamers led by Harker in chimera (Hull flamer)

4. Veteran Squad with 3xGrenade Launchers

5. Vendetta Squadron

6. Leman Russ MBT, Hull Flamer

7. Bane wolf (hull flamer)

8. Veteran Squad with 3xPlasma Guns

9. Scout Sentinels (Autocannons)

10. Hydra Flak Battery (Hull flamers)

11. Storm Trooper Squad (2x Melta)

12. Storm Trooper Squad (2x Melta)

There’s a second russ in this list, but not appearing in the shot.

It’s exactly 1750.

I expect to get my ass kicked.

I’m not a tournament player. With the frequency of my games I’m barely a player, but I intend to turn up, roll some dice and have some fun. I know it’s too many kill points, I know I’m lacking redundancy and I cant deal well with termies, and hordes will tear me a new one etc etc, but I don't care.

Alright, I care a bit. I cared enough to drop the silly 400+pt strakenstar, as its too specialised for an all comers list. and I care enough to pack a bit more melta than usual and trim some fat. but that's it, you wont see me “castling” or using silly formations or any of that, I’m going to play.

And I’m going to spend the next two weeks painting my ass off :)


  1. Mate that's a good Army list it will deal with most army's. Just remember to keep moving your tanks so they are not instantly hit by deep striking army's.

    Now what I usally do to tackle terminators's is to take a medusa tank. Cant complain at a Strength 10 Ap 2 large blast weapon. Also I equip my Vanquisher's with plasma cannons as this will deal with most heavy armoured troop's. Also I would leave your troops in the transports as long as pos to increase the chance of them living longer.

    Don't know if this will help, but hopefully given you a few ideas.

  2. Looks absolutely awesome, mate: good luck with the painting!

  3. You know what, my list may be different but my mentality and expections are just the same.

    See you at blog wars mate.

  4. Hey - I'm exactly the same - don't do tourneys and can't play as much a I'd like.
    Saying that - it looks like you have a solid and daunting list right there.

  5. Glad to see that some people have got the same sort of mentality as me with their blog wars list. Nice to see a list with loads of variety in it.

    I expect to get my ass kicked as well. The main thing is that I have fun while I'm doing it though. Then I'll be happy.

  6. Thanks guys :),

    Dave, that tip about moving the tanks is a good one, I really must remember that :)

    I'm hoping the Russ main gun and the plasma/melta will help against termie tbh, but the problem you feel when you build a multi-role (or all-comers) force is that you dont quite feel adequately covered on any front :)

    Drax, thanks man, I made some progress with the armour this weekend - I'm hopinh it's enough to get me there in time

    Corbane, didnt realise you were attending, be nice to see you :)

    I must find some kind of buttonhole so people know who I am

    6th, Firewasp, same to you guys, be awesome to meet you, and I'm glad others feel the same as me

    now I just have to hope I dont get every match drawn againt a WAAC type and Itll be awesome :)


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