Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Techpreist Enginseer


I may well never field him, but I do like this model.

Sadly the pics are a little dark, and obscure a lot of the metallic gradients. I might need to throw another lamp on this big set up I’ve created :)


I’m going to give him these two servitors for now, ultimately, if it looks like I’ll field him, I’ll give him some shooty assistants too. 

That's all, just a quick update today, thanks for dropping by!


  1. Very nice mate, I have the same model and I like him as well. I would say field him as he can repair your vehicles and his servitors can protect as well as help repair. Also as a complete squad they are quite handy in hand to hand combat.

  2. Thanks Dave

    I mgiht well put him on the filed either in larger games, or in games where I decide to go melee with the guard, this fellow, straken, blob squads preists and commisars. yay!


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