Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Table’s progress

Brace yourselves cos it’s at the “it looks like ass” phase


Its had a blast of textured paint, and a dusting with filler powder, next it gets the spray paint of fury, then the airbrush.

After that it’s flock and done.

Hal’jin asked me on my last post “Is it me though or is it sloping in one direction, making it perfect for some "Omaha" kind of scenario?” and he’s right on the money, as I hoped it would work well for “spearhead” type games where the direction of board travel is reversed, as well as still work for normal deployments.

I’ve got some Imperial sector buildings assembled and a base coat on them, but i’ll hold off posting them for now, at least until threes more detail on them.

To tide you over, here is some of the “window dressing” for this board,


some trees I’ve put together. a bit fragile, but pretty enough to make up for it.


And some resin inca heads I bought while high on paint fumes. they've painted up well though.

Oh and in between all these board shenanigans I got some paint on the Vendatta/Valkyrie from my magnetisation article.

I’ll have to get some pics and get him up too,

That’s all for now, take it easy out there and thanks for dropping by :)


  1. This is looking pretty interesting so far.
    I really like the statue ruins.

  2. This is some great stuff!.
    I love the autumn trees.

  3. Those trees look great, where did you get them?

  4. Thanks guys :)

    I'll post up a tree tut in the next week or so, they are very easy, but like I said a tad fragile.

    They are made from sea foam, and ideal for display, and if youre careful, or if you strengthen them more than i currently have, for gaming.

    tree mk2 coming soon, and getting a step-by-step :)

    the ruins are lovely castings, and reasonably priced from Grendel castings..

    just be careful if you look at the rest of the site, you might find losts of things you suddenly "need" :)


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