Thursday, 21 April 2011

Strewth, I actually got to play!

I don’t play often.

In fact I think I’ve managed less than 15 games since 5th launched.

I was fortunate the other day, that once I’d finished the boards to a playable level i sent out an “all points” to a few friends who play and a couple f them popped round.

This allowed me to both test the boards, and a 1750pt guard list.

My reflections and ruminations on the effectiveness of the list, and proposed changes subsequent, can be found in the preceding post. for now, I just wanted to share a few pictures.


“Do you think they saw us Sarge?”


”These new krootscoops are pretty combat effective, eh?”


“hothothot!” – blast markers totally stolen from


“Sneaky scouty…”


“Ahh dammit, who gave the Tau a Hill!”


“You know, I want to rethink… Armoured sentinels sound good right now..”


“Okay, if Rogers had the map.. and he’s now a puddle of plasma.. Sarge, are we lost?”

All in all we managed two games, a 1750 with my guard against tau, and a three way 1200. odd I know, but there were three of us :)

The 1750 rolled as annihilation and DOW, and I was very greatful that IG vehicles tend to have searchlights as it helped with turn 1.

It’s also never struck me before, but that combination of missions really favours going second. it gives you more targets to shoot at in turn 1, and you have much more of an idea of the killpoint level you need to hit/beat for victory conditions.

My guys did okay, but victory was only ensured on the last turn, when I went all out for the easy kills in order to snag those KP, mopping up the off FW squad and light vehicle.

The second game was again annihilation, at 1200pts with an Eldar player throwing down as well.

I’d never really played mech Eldar before, not since 3rd ed and man they have some evil toys and funky tanks. holofields suck.

I did learn 1 thing, having seen Straken not do much, I dropped his command squad and swapped in a Primaris, who really worked for me at that level, I also dropped the grenadiers from all my guys and that worked too, those things are now making their way into my list proper I think. anyway, I refer you to my earlier list posting once more :)

That’s all for now. Cheers.


  1. I've started pulling in a Primaris Psyker as well. I am fairly pleased with his performance. I usually let him ride with a Platoon Command Squad with 3-4 grenade launchers for a hard hitting fire base.

    I'm contemplating running him with Straken for a Str4 I4 Force weapon on the charge. Toss in a priest for re-rolls, and monster creatures/ICs should tremble. :)

  2. That is one outstanding looking game! The table did turn out fantastic.

    It makes games so much more fun to play on great looking tables!


  3. *table envy ensues*

    And I think I need such a blast marker.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Boxer, I think the firebase is probarbly a better bet, I'm learning that IG arent that strong in CC. not that they cant manage it, and they can usrely eat up other IG and Tau, but there are som many of the new codexes, in fact, every single codex since IG, that can just eat your face.

    Jim, I totally agree, and there really isnt that much more effort envolved, that whole board, excepting paint and tools cost the same as a Valk.

    Hal'jin, you so do :) they look awesome flickering away, and if youve already got cotton balls in the house itll cost you four quid for the candles, they are dead simple.


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