Monday, 25 April 2011

Psyker Battle Squad Painted


They even have a ride now too, repurposed from my currently “in retirement” =][= forces.

Yeah, that’s a FW autocannon turret, I have a normal multilaser one i can drop on there in non FW freindly games.


I’m quite happy with the way these guys turned out. the build looks more IG than using basic Flagellants, which is something I very much wanted. The poses are all unique, and I think pulls of the feeling that these guys aren't really soldiers.

The colours I’ve used tie in with the army, as there arte flashes of red here and there, but also serve to set them apart from the troops, and the purity seals and =][= on the transport does the job, I think, of letting you know what unit they are meant to represent.

Anyway, you tell me :)

Here are a couple of closer shots.

DSC_6436 DSC_6437


  1. Looking good! They do have character. I especially like the pointing guy and the one on the left in the last picture. Props for the work on those purity seals.

  2. Pretty well done, and the pointing fellow has a lot of style indeed. The Flagellants seem to be a good source of parts for conversions. I admit, seeing those cassocks did remind me of an old idea of mine as far as making Sisters of Battle in a real "nuns with guns" style.

  3. Very nice! The little touches such as the extra purity seals really make them pop, and the chimera is beautiful as well - Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Sons, Mord, The purity seals are a doddle, a couple of different coloured micron pens does the job I find.

    Marcin, I remember seeing on a forum somewhere, maybe B&C that someone had had a go at a "proper" sister of battle. it looked very cool :)


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