Friday, 15 April 2011

New “Steppes” Board Dressed


I’m saying “dressed” rather than “finished” simply because I want to continue working on this to improve it, I can see things I’m not happy with, but with an hour here and there I will be.

Let’s just say the focussed flurry of activity is over, and slow, gradual improvements will be made, such as the rock colour of the stepped hill edges, I bought a crappy art paint and its, well, crappy.

There's a few patches where filler scatter has broken loose that need to be quickly hidden, and There's many more of those trees needed.

The buildings all pretty much just have base coat and a drybrush or airbrush and need detail and highlight/shadow work done

But those errors highlighted, I am happy with it.

 DSC_6332DSC_6329 DSC_6330 DSC_6331  DSC_6333


Now I just need to know how it plays…


  1. Oh yeah, apologies for the photography, its in my kitchen and the light there is ass.

  2. Excellent!
    It turned out really nice - good stuff.

  3. Looking really good. There is something way more epic playing on a nicely done board. Nothing like getting wrapped up in the story element of a game.

    A minor suggestion. You do the same thing I do by painting every lip of a base black. It might blend a bit better if you do an earth tone on your tree bases around the edges?

  4. I love it. Wished mine could look so good. Guess I should put more work into terrain :)

  5. The table looks tremendous and the shots are superbly evocative. Great to see that we are already being rewarded with some fine, dynamic images. Brilliant Stuff! Moreover, it seems that you conjured this fantastic specimen from air in mere days. Brilliant work.


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