Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blog Wars!

If you havent yet found out what this is, and youre a blogger in the UK, you need to know about it!

blog wars

Click the image to be taken to the tourney organiser from the fang’s website

Okay so, I coughed up for my ticket now, and plan to take the guard.

I know it’s my weakest army, having had much more definitive wins with both my wolves, Daemonhunters and Orks, but for a number of reasons it’s the one I’m taking.

MY wolves are a bit too cheesy, and nowhere near painted, so they are out.

My orks would need a support far just to get them there.

I haven't entertained the new DH, sorry GK codex, and might never, so that army is “in retirement”

And my guard are my current obsession. I can tell this becuase every time i get close to finished I find other units I want to add.

Thanks for reading, and checkout that link!

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