Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Anyone remember “populous”?

That game took days of my life.

as I work on my latest project, I am reminded of it…


Yeah, it’s time for a new board to play on.

As it stands I’ve done the rough shaping, I’ve got most of the groundwork still to do and then terrain, texture and paint.

I’m aiming for autumnal colours, and there's a “story” or “reason” forming as I build. don't get me wrong, It’s not going to be a board with a narrative gameplay element, but I have to have a reason why the things I’m building are there, it helps me understand why there's a ruined imperial building next to a tree, by a pile of older stones etc etc.

Without that, hm, let’s call it a “rationale”, without that “rationale” the place doesn't come together for me and I find it hard to know what to do next.

The rationale provides a framework for me to make aesthetic decisions, much as when working on a mini.

I’m aiming for a world that's dying off, at a place where the desert gives way to steppes, there will be ruins such as have been left by an early civilisation, and more recent ruins from an imperial archaeology or exploratory team. That’s enough for me to hang it together and make sense of why I'm building.

Anyway, didn't want you all to think I’d wandered off again, so I hope you like the WiP and I’ll share copious pics of the boards when finished :)

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I won't lie, when I saw the blog title I got a little excited thinking you may have information about some new remake of Populous. I loved that game... a lot!

    Nice table though. I'm not disappointed and look forward to seeing more work on it.

  2. I'm really excited to see how this turns out, I'll be following. Maybe it'll give me some inspiration to start on my gaming boards for home.

    Are you going to have the pieces of terrain be detachable or will it be built permanently?

  3. Sorry Geek, i didnt anticipate i might be dissapointing anymone :( man I loved populous..

    Brian, what you see there is all attached, each panel is 2'x4' and the can be re-arranged, I also have more than enough materials for another section, and will either make more "desert" at the camera end or more "foothills" at the wall end depending on how it plays.

    the remainign terrain features.. some buildings, hills, other gubbins, those will all be movable, in order that the board has variety.

    I know that large hilly construction at the end looks like it removes options, but theres a second reason I wanted to create it.

    I'd going to use it going forward as a "set" to improve my photography.


  4. Very cool. I like the idea of taking more scenic shots of the miniatures too.

    I'll be following closely to see how you work through the buildings/hills/etc.!

  5. Beautiful board.

    I'd always just of populous as an adjective.

  6. Nice work. Is it me though or is it sloping in one direction, making it perfect for some "Omaha" kind of scenario?

  7. Thanks guys :)

    Zzzz... nah it was a computer game :)

    Hal'jin see the next post for my response :)

  8. I lost hours to Populous. I wonder if there's a windows version out there somewhere....

    Oh and nice board.


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