Saturday, 16 April 2011

1750 test list, in pictures

I’d appreciate any comments from the list builders out there, I’ve never built for 1750 before, and though I’m not a competitive player, I do like to hear the thoughts of those who are.



HQ – Straken, astropath, banner, medic, flamer, two bodyguards and a Chimera (flamer.


Troop- Veteran squad, plasmas, plasma sgt, Chimera (flamer)


Troop – Veteran Squad, Hvy flamer, 2x flamer Power weapon sgt, Chimera (flamer)


Troop-  Veteran Squad, Plasmax3 Sgt Plasma,

Fast Attack - Valkyrie, Rocket pods.


Elite – Stormtrooper squad, 2x Melta

Fast Attack - Vendetta


Fast Attack – 2x Scout Sentinels, Autocannons


Heavy – Leman Russ Demolisher, Hvy Bolter sponsons, Flamer


Heavy -  Leman Russ Executioner, lascannon


I think I’m two points shy of 1750.

(apologies for the photography, this is set up in my kitchen at the moment and the light there is very poor)


  1. Sadly I'm not much of a list builder (I have IG though they're currently sitting in simply green for paint removal) so I can't help much there.

    I dunno, the yellow/orange light seems to give the images more of a depressingly realistic feel. Kinda a neat effect.

  2. I'm no guard player but it looks pretty solid to me. Competitiveness aside I've got to say it's an absolutely stunning collection of models. I'd love to see the whole army in person.

    Also do you have more pictures of your scenery because that too looks great.

  3. Scratch that, just found the post about your board. It's what I'm aiming for when I start work on my new table but I suspect I'll fall short of this!

  4. Solid army executioners are VERY good in my experience not sure about thedemolisher and the sentinels, auto cannons arnt focused enough to kill heavy tanks but if you get swarmed by infantry they will be pretty useless ( like orks) otherwise v. Good

  5. Hi guys and thanks :)

    I managed to get a test game in, followed by a lower point game to try a different core,

    I'm thinking the stricken h might be a bit spendy, and a primaries might be much better value, allowing a few upgrades like carapace and demo here and there, and even another unit, such as another vet unit or a blob.

    I might also consider putting some rocket launchers in with the plasma vets, giving me more of a firebase, and demo with the flamer/melt a assault vets.

    Also, e psyker battle squad is quite a nice unit, it might be a good replacement for the demolished,

    Aand the stormtooprs work much better when deep striking from reserves as opposed to being in a transport.

    Lots of food for thought, and a bunch of pictures to come


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