Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Valkyrie/Vendetta Magnetisation


So. One Valk box, and one FW Vendetta upgrade kit.


A few months ago before my untimely departure from the blogosphere I received a wee bag o magnets from the lovely people at Magnet expert on the understanding that I use them and give feedback. well I guess better late than never applies here, as I’ve finally got around to a small project where I could use their products.

I will say first that I was already a customer when they sent me this assorted bag, mainly because they sell the right size magnets for me in the right quantities and damn are they strong!.

anyway, I set about giving myself options with the flyer.


One of the most important things when magnetising is to have a drill bit close in size to the magnets you’re using, you can see the side by side here.

 DSC_6161 DSC_6162

And here you can see how well this1mm diameter magnet fits in the hole made by this 1mm bit :)

In the hard point here I used a 2mm long magnet, as this extra size would give it more strength.


And on the weapon itself I fitted a 1mmx1mm, right in line with the mounting groove


A couple of test fits and then I could attach the weapon mount to the wing.

The front hard point needed a different solution.


First I glued some plasticard into the weapon mount to provide a stable backing, then attached the mount to the hull.


Here you can see I’ve glued a 4mm diameter but .5mm length magnet (essentiall a very flat wide magnet) into the hard point.


And the same magnet onto the back of each front mount weapon – single las, double las and multi laser.

As always with magnetising you have got to make sure to get your polarities right, or you'll end up repelling not attracting (like I did with the double las here and had to remove and re-attach)


A little perseverance and fettling however will get you here. (I used a slightly longer magnet on the rocket pod as the attachment groove is considerably shorted on the model)





I hope that was of use to someone and that you’ll forgive my blurry pics, low light camera shake is something I thought I was over, but it goes to show if you aren't paying attention, you'll make mistakes.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good tutorial, I did the same thing with a Valk/Vendetta as well. Those magnets are little miracle workers.

  2. Where the devil did you get a 1mm diameter 2mm length rod magnet? I've searched ebay and not a few magnet shops and it's always 1mmx1mm at best. Quite frustrating...
    If you can spare a few moments to let me know, my Warseer account is:

  3. Hey anon.. or emperor's teeth, :) the link is right up there in the article. is where i get my magnets..

    they've more sizes and types than you can shake a stick at.


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