Monday, 14 March 2011

Sly Marbo Conversion Painted!


DSC_6104 DSC_6101  DSC_6103

Quite poorly apparently.

Camera still not my friend, as his skin doesn't look that blotchy here. Never mind.

This isn't a model that will see a lot of play, but every guard player should have a stand in for him. when you have 60pints you just can’t fill he’s an amazing distraction unit, and he usually always gets his points back with interest.

This simple kitbash allows me to plop him down when I feel the need, and that's good enough for me.

In hindsight, I’d have liked to model a demo charge on the base, but I’m all out.

Magnetised and removable might have been sweet too.. as it’s 1-use.

Ah well, thanks for dropping by :)


  1. cool conversion. i do like his beard. i haven't made a marbo yet. i will when i officially finish the rest of my guard. for now i personally use an eversor assassin as a count as him when i need to fill a point gap. i like the space marine pouches you used as a back pack i will have to try that some time. very cool =).

  2. Cool, is that the bad guy from Commando?

  3. Thanks guys :)

    M, those are actually from an Ork kit I think, they were in my bitzbox and looked suitable :)

    Dave. It is now :)

  4. Like your Marbo. Funny I posted mine the same day :)

  5. What a coinkidink! :)

    I must say, I love the dynamite on your fellow. I might have to loot that idea :)


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