Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Requiem for a Daemonhunter

So the new GK models have landed, as you can probably tell from a glance at any blog roll


or you email

or your local GW store…

Anyway, I’ve played DH since the codex first came out (with some time off in 4th I grant you) and I must say I’m not as excited as I should be. I suppose it was always the weirdoes and pseudo-heretics of the Inquisition who got me most excited as far as modelling goes anyway; and the new GK codex, while possibly allowing them to be fielded, certainly seems not to have those elements centre stage.

So will I buy them? Will I play them?

Well the terminators are the same price as CC termies, So I might well rationalise my army to be built around a few Termies in transports and leave it at that. I’m not sure my earlier conversions will hold up anymore,


There are some similarities, for sure, But I don't know if they look sufficiently like grey knights anymore.


Although, the AOBR > GK tutorial is consistently my most viewed page; and at nearly thirty quid for five, you could be forgiven for wanting to give it a go when this technique would get you considerably more for the same price, ( would let you have fifteen AOBR termies for thirty quid,) you never know, I might see the hits for that article go up yet more.

All that said, I have to consider that I’m quite taken with the play style of the guard. although I always did like to be outnumbered, so a deathwing style force of GK might flip the switch.

Let’s just say it wont happen yet. I hate people thinking I’m a “next best thing” player, so it will be a while before I go back to DH. I have my guard in my sights at the moment, and a bunch of wolves to paint, and a bunch of orks to build. Aaand I always thought an all-jump pack army would be coool.. and it’s been about enough time since the BA codex released…

Did I ever mention BA were my first army?

Well blood drinkers technically, it’s how I painted my first Rogue Trader marines box.

I digress… I have guardsmen to paint!

Final thought – Who’s been watching too much Avatar then?



  1. I think your stuff still looks great for Knights and would have no trouble fitting in with the new miniatures range.

    Im just wondering who will be the first to paint one of the Dreadknight yellow, put a woman in the harness and title it "Get away from her you Bitch!"

    Oh and nuff respect for the RT Drinkers, for me, first and always :D

  2. I think your PAGK look great and would fit in nicely among the new stuff. :)

    The Dreadknight, looks nice, but not as a Grey Knight model, y'know? The diaper and baby harness don't help, either.

    As for an all-jump infantry army, how about an all-Sanguinary Guard army led by Dante and the Sanguinor? You could call it the 'Golden Shower' list. ;)


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