Friday, 18 March 2011

Psyker Battle Squad Test Fig.


Let’s call him a “rough”. I went to the flagellants again, and as such was a little concerned that he might look to much like these guys -


To try to avoid this I deliberately eschewed shoulder pads, using arms from the empire militia sprue, and went for completely different colours, but which would still “gel” with the army as a whole.

This is the first mini with a different coloured body armour, but as I intend to use an actual commissar model as the overseer I don’t see a problem with the darker scheme.


DSC_6137 DSC_6138 DSC_6139

I’ll give it a few days to ferment, and I’ll give thought to any comments I receive here, but I think I might need 8 more of these :)

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts, too similar to the priests? or just about different enough?


  1. I would say he's not quite different enough - the colour scheme is great, the only problem is the head - there's not enough psyker paraphernalia attached to it, and it might work better if he was bald? Just a thought anyway, feel free to dismiss! :)

  2. Hey Andy, I think, from a cetain point of view, you're right.

    If I wanted full on GW version psykers, I;d need bald, augmented heads, as I came close to with my primaris.

    the thing I didnt make clear in my post, is that the image of the sanctioned psyker i liked most, and was aiming form is the abnett vision from "only in death" the harnessed, mistreated soon to burn out and die things in the prison transport.

    Before I decided to give them a valk (I still migth change that, but it needs playtesting first) I was planning to convert an ork trukk to a prison transport and use that as a counts-as chimera.

    I dont want them to look well cared for. I dont want them to look like soldiers.

    I agree I may need to stick some wires in thier heads though :)

  3. Got that Abnett psyker feel straight away with this guy, unkempt and almost rabid mad with fear and loathing of what he is. All that pent up, abused and unstable psychic power ready to be unleashed on the enemies of the Imperium.

    Good job.

  4. Thanks Bix!

    What a lovely description!

    I'll be trying to build a few more of these, but I need to do a wee bitz order first.


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