Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Old Stuff Day

Alright, I’ll bite :)
OldStuffDaySideBanner Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 cooked up this little number, a way to generate easy content for a post celebrate past achievements. In fact i was only reflecting the other day on reading analytics for the blog why the popular content here is well, the popular content.
In the spirit of celebrating what has gone before I give you your favourites, by all time hits.

My AOBR Grey Knight Tutorial. who knows maybe this one will get even more hits when the codex releases. anyway it’s my highest rated content, with nearly 20k hits on it’s lonesome.

Post three of my Daemonhost sculpt I think this post particularly, rather than the others because of the chain “how to”

My Finished Sentinel this one I think solely due to the Tuesday top ten, and having been revisited in the 100th post round up so thanks for that ;)

My finished GK Dread no clue on this one, *shrug* Maybe it gives good meta or something

My Ork Trukk Boyz again, not sure on this one, maybe it’s well positioned by a metacrawler.

I’m not sure why these are the most popular. I mean, yeah the tutorials maybe, but I don’t think that Dread’s all that hot myself, maybe it’s the clear, “purist” post titles?
Its astounding to me that since I started tracking data, which is about a year ago, the blog has had nearly 50,000 hits. now I know a lot of those are me and my mates looking at my own stuff. But man, when you look at the map where people visit from, it’s global. The internets amazes me.
And it’s all these lovely people from everywhere, literally, reading the site that make me post more. There’s something intoxicating about having access to all these like-minded people.
Thanks :)
And Thanks Rob for enabling this mass hysteria reflection and providing a framework for us all to nostalgia.


  1. Absolutely, cracking Idea.

    although checking analytics and compising the post, took me longer than it should have as I re-read and nostagiaed :)


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