Monday, 28 March 2011

Nurgle Daemon Prince conversion - now with paint!


Well here he is.

It’s probably the most sculpting I’ve done on a miniature in years, and I’m not sure I’ve done it justice with the paint.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wailing and gnashing my teeth here, or fishing for compliments, it’s a solid paint job. but the feeling…

I’m happy with the result. let me say that. But it’s the first Nurgley thing I’ve ever painted, and it probably shouldn't have been. I was really feeling my way through this, learning how to paint this style of creature.

And I shouldn't really have set out to learn on something this much of a centrepiece.

Again I must stress, not that I think this is terrible, but that I think maybe had I had more confidence with the nurgle style I could have done better.

Ah well here some more pics, he’s off to his owner today (that's one reason for fewer posts last week, I didn't want to put up WiPs of this) and if there are any major changes needed to fit him into that army, I’ll make em :)

DSC_6177  DSC_6179 DSC_6180 DSC_6181 DSC_6182

Thanks for reading!


  1. It looks great. The paint job is fine! I know how it is, you finish something, it looks good, and you're always thinking how to go back and improve it - don't! This is a great conversion, much more dynamic than the stock Nurgle Prince.

  2. Wow, a really good model! :D

    I really like the head, a true daemonic visage!

  3. Wow that is one hell of a cool paint job. I would not want to bump into that down a dark alley way. I really like the base too. Well done man, don't beat yourself up over it you have done good.

  4. Looks awesome, great shading on the skin/armour tones. I like the hanging guts over the tabard. Nice touch.

  5. My only criticism is that the base does not look like it goes with the model. The colors are a blue grey and bright green that are barely hinted at in the rest of the paint job. It's not tied together, and it's not really contrasting very well either. It's just like there are two different things stacked atop one another. Maybe muddy up the green some, to be closer to the eyes, and make the rocks a more earthy stone color?

  6. Thanks guys for the positive comments!

    Dino - I do agree with you, but the base was painted to match the army he's going into. and as I said in the post, I painted the mini on "feel", without a plan really.

    SO i guess I'm saying the blame lies with me not working the base colours into my approach for the figure, rather than the other way round, as the base colours were already set.

    if that makes sense...


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