Saturday, 5 March 2011

MARPAT Inspired camo scheme

I’m keen to emphasise the “inspired” part. It’s not MARPAT, that’s a digital camo, and while I could have cut a toothpick end square and used that for every dot, I really didn't have the patience. this is a quick tabletop camo scheme that resembles desert MARPAT.
I prime grey. the reason for this is that it gives me a neutral base for the paint. black imo is too much hard work to paint on, and white is just too vibrant for the look I like in minis.
The first colour to go down is a mix of off white and Iraqi Sand, aiming for a very light coloured base, if you look at MARPAT you’ll see I’ve tried to get close to the colours.

You’ll also notice all the colours are quite desaturated.

The first pattern colour is a mix of bonewhite, leather brown and stonewall grey. they grey helps us to achieve that desaturation. the pattern is applied with just the tip of the brush, randomly, in snall splotches, trying to replicate the general size and shape of the digital pattern in the reference.
Next we use a mix of cold grey and stonewall grey, repeating the brush pattern above.
The Last colour is Burnt Umber, again with some grey.
I’m sure you can get close the the colours with your own paint supplies, and if you want to reference citadel colours this handy website should help.
The rest of the paint scheme is just as simple, pick out details, metals etc with whatever colours you like, then hit the whole thing with a controlled wash of devlan mud. by controlled wash I mean place heavy concentrations in recesses, lighten the application on raised areas. if you just flood, you'll obscure a lot of your work.
once that's dry, go in and highlight up areas you want to draw attention to, for instance I made sure the rifles had a decent highlight pass, and the faces and I wanted these to be in sharp focus.
Like I said at the start, these are tabletop, but that’s reflected in the time taken too, I still think they work from the magical three feet out, and I hope this article gave you something to think about.
Final thought? Don’t be scared of camo. :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. wow... cool camo design paint job. Nicely done and very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Kelvin, I checked out your site too (some really good stuff on there) and the camo on your guardsmen works really well too, though being wordpress I couldnt find a way to "follow"...

  3. Mate one word, Awesome!

    I now wish my Marine Scouts would wear cammo,lol.

  4. Why shouldn't they? I have very fond memories of my first, metal marines being in cam, after the style of the baba war scorpions in the rogue trader book.

    If anyone should cam up, it's scouts


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