Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kitbash Cadian Snipers Painted!

I wanted to try and prove to myself that even with a punishing work schedule I could find time to model and blog. So I painted some guys that have been languishing unpainted for a while.
Their camo differs from the Veterans because I wanted in the first instance, for it to be clear they were a different units (counts-as Ratlings) and in the second, fluffily, to represent their deeper interest in camouflage.
Its inspired by desert MARPAT, because when you go scout sniper, it may as well be USMC. right Lee Harvey? ;)
The paint isn't outstanding, but for something done in fits and starts in the week, it’ll certainly do for the table, and it moves my Guard closer to finished.
DSC_6033 DSC_6034 DSC_6035
DSC_6036 DSC_6037 DSC_6038 DSC_6039 DSC_6045  DSC_6041DSC_6042  DSC_6044 DSC_6040
I’m glad I was able to squeeze these in around work, though it has taken a conscious effort. I don't expect to keep up this pace during the weeks but I had a point to make to myself.
Thanks for dropping by :)


  1. Very nice, love the camo pattern.

  2. Looks good. How did you do the MARPAT?

  3. Looks amazing. Were the long-las' converted?

  4. Hi Guys, and thanks for the comments :)

    The MARPAT was more a case of finding/making the right colours than anything else, - I think I took some pics, I'll have a look if they are usuable and put them up tomorrow if so, I mixed colours to acheive this, so i'll have to refer to them.

    I wasnt going to go as far as chopping a toothpick square and applying the digital pattern, so i just blobbed it on :) keeping very small areas as MARPAT is quite a fine pattern camo.

    The Lasguns are all standard bar the one on the guy with the ghillie, his was made from a normal lasgun, bipod from a marine scout heavy bolter and a marine scout scope too I think. oh and some barrel extention. the other three guys are stock, form the command squad plastic sniper torso.

  5. Love them, better than stoopid ratling abhumans any day, good ol' human grunts.

  6. Absolutely beautiful job on the snipers. Doing camo right on 28mm is a challenge since you don't want to completely wash out the detail (which is the goal of camo!)

  7. I agree Siph, Dan Abnett got me into the Guard with the authenticity of the Ghosts, and abhumans just dont fit with the imperial creedo. Sure, with the Inquisition's approach, but loyaist guard?

    Which gives me an issue, as I dont want to use ogryn, but I like the idea of ogryn... and I dont want to use non-GW minis. hmph.

    Brian, thanks man, appreciate it. I did have a moment while painting them that I had lost almost all the detail, but the controlled Devlan mud brings it back by emphasisng the form with what are effectively shadows,


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