Friday, 18 March 2011

GW Closing stores?

So I just got back from a trip to a local GW (Sutton Coldfield, UK), after checking on the store finder that it was open at the time I intended to visit and seeing that they are planning Orcs and Goblins stuff through April.

All this, on the GW site, right now.

Except the store isn't there. empty, gutted, “to Let” faded storefront where the words “Games workshop” have been ripped out.

A bit of a waste of a trip for me sure, but more alarming is the fact that the GW website reports this store as open and in full swing.

Anyone else noticed their GW blowing away on the wind? Anyone got any news about why this is the case for Sutton Coldfield's GW?


  1. I've traveled to a few stores that have been closed in the suburbs of Chicago in the states. I figure stores close all the time and GW doesn't strike me as the type of company that puts a lot of effort into their store locator.

  2. Perhaps it has relocated? The address online is still correct?

  3. Acidix, possibly, but it's the first time I've known a GW store to close, rather than an independant.

    Elessar, yeah its the same addy, same picture as it has been for years, but in real life it's now an empty store.

    besides, I've had GW's move on me before now and theres always a "we have moved" in the window. in this case, just a big red "to let" sign.

  4. I can't speak to your specific store, but I know the GW store finder is pretty cruddy. In my area it shows independent stores that have closed or no longer stock GW product, and the open hours for the GW stores are often flat out wrong.

  5. I know of three store's that closed. One being the White Rose Centre near Leeds, but this was because they merged it into the main store in Leeds. The second being in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, but this latter re-opened as a drop in store rather than a hobby store. The third being in Meadow Hall Sheffield, this was origanly located in the market area in the shopping centre. When that closed so did GW and origanly GW was not going to re-open one because of the main store being in Sheffield City itself. They did eventally go down the same route as the Trafford Centre.

    As I have a couple of friends that work for the company and talking to them and asking how the company works I can say this.

    Were their is a high interest in the hobby and pepole are buying their products they will place a store, as long as there is not a high proportion of bussiness doing the same sort of work as they are. How they measure this is by opening a store and giving that store and intro games level that they have to reach each week and month. If the store does not reach these targets regually then GW look at either down scaling the store or close it. This is no drama for GW as they rent all their stores apart from two, one being GW HQ and the store in Nottingham city Centre.

    So sad to say I guess the store you visted just wasn't doing very well and have closed it, or they have merged it into another store that is close bY.

    What I would say is write to GW or ring them and find out what has happened to it.

  6. YEah, Ive seen consilidations before, and moves, but in my experience it's been broadcast beforehand.

    maybe I just missed popping in that week, that or was a very quick desicion.

    well anyway I need a new "occasional drop in" store in the south staffs/west mids area.

    I know theres a store in wallsall, but i've no clue where. likewise I think wolverhampton has one, but this info comes from the store finder.. and who know if that's accurate.

  7. Call GW and let them know about your wasted journey. You never know, you may get a voucher out of it. The folks on the phone are an unusually helpful lot.

  8. I emailed.

    Apparently this is my mistake.

    The store has indeed moved. about fifteen doors down on the same road. in a pedestrianised bit!

    so add up the following -

    I wasnt aware of a move

    It's the same road so google maps etc looks like the old store

    It's a place I cant drive past, so I didnt see it.

    I'll try and pop in soon, but this one looks like my bad!

    *eats own hat*


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