Saturday, 19 March 2011

Elysian Drop Trooper Paint test


I always like to paint a single figure to completion before I start batch painting any new units. partly to test out the paint scheme, and make any changes, but also to “learn” the sculpt. where the folds are, what details I want to bring out and so on.

These Elysian sculpts are amazing I’ll be honesty. they were a pig to put together, and I’m used to resin, but the detail is fantastic. these things just want to be painted and it’s going to be an absolute pleasure to finish the unit.


I’ve done more weathering here than on my usual units because I think the placement of the armour pads just cries out for it.

I’ve stuck to a fairly common scheme for the Elysians that I think still fits with the overall “desertyness” (it’s a word. trust me) of the army I’ve built so far. I mean it’s quite heavy on the green, but then, you guys have seen Afghanistan, right?

and I don't think they’ll feel too out of place in the Valkyrie I posted the other day.

this guy got the marking from the Taros campaign book, the red stripe to signify he’s a veteran and a company number on the other side.



Hand painted mind, because a Friend and colleague keeps giving me a hard time about using decals.

I’m not sure why I went for yellow on his visor, as most of the rest of the army I’ve taken the opportunity to do blue lenses for the “pop” of the compliment to all the yellow/tan I have used, but I did go for yellow.


And I don't think I regret it.


DSC_6141  DSC_6143

There we have it then. I’d love to hear your thoughts, before I launch into the other nine of these, especially on the issues of visors and “desertyness” :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like what you've done here. The colors are complimentary and the weathering is subtle and effective.

    Awesome job!

  2. Thanks Col. I think I'll press on with the squad.

    I think they yellow is the right choice, especially as this is a plasma squad and I usually use blue for plasma coils,

  3. I like the yellow visor also, you can buy safty glasses with yellow lenses for low light working, so it's got a bases in reality.

  4. Good point, competition shooters often wear yellow lenses because it cuts glare,

    very appropriate for shooting in the desert I would think ;)


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