Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Valkyrie/Vendetta Magnetisation


So. One Valk box, and one FW Vendetta upgrade kit.


A few months ago before my untimely departure from the blogosphere I received a wee bag o magnets from the lovely people at Magnet expert on the understanding that I use them and give feedback. well I guess better late than never applies here, as I’ve finally got around to a small project where I could use their products.

I will say first that I was already a customer when they sent me this assorted bag, mainly because they sell the right size magnets for me in the right quantities and damn are they strong!.

anyway, I set about giving myself options with the flyer.


One of the most important things when magnetising is to have a drill bit close in size to the magnets you’re using, you can see the side by side here.

 DSC_6161 DSC_6162

And here you can see how well this1mm diameter magnet fits in the hole made by this 1mm bit :)

In the hard point here I used a 2mm long magnet, as this extra size would give it more strength.


And on the weapon itself I fitted a 1mmx1mm, right in line with the mounting groove


A couple of test fits and then I could attach the weapon mount to the wing.

The front hard point needed a different solution.


First I glued some plasticard into the weapon mount to provide a stable backing, then attached the mount to the hull.


Here you can see I’ve glued a 4mm diameter but .5mm length magnet (essentiall a very flat wide magnet) into the hard point.


And the same magnet onto the back of each front mount weapon – single las, double las and multi laser.

As always with magnetising you have got to make sure to get your polarities right, or you'll end up repelling not attracting (like I did with the double las here and had to remove and re-attach)


A little perseverance and fettling however will get you here. (I used a slightly longer magnet on the rocket pod as the attachment groove is considerably shorted on the model)





I hope that was of use to someone and that you’ll forgive my blurry pics, low light camera shake is something I thought I was over, but it goes to show if you aren't paying attention, you'll make mistakes.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Psyker Battle Squad conversions built


It’s Abnett’s fault. He gave me this mental image of the Psyker battle squad, never better described than in the comments section of my test-fig post, where Bix said “unkempt and almost rabid, mad with fear and loathing of what he is. All that pent up, abused and unstable psychic power ready to be unleashed on the enemies of the Imperium.”

I set about making more. I decided that I didn't want them just to look like flagellants, nor did I want to use the cookie cutter clone army that is the current GW lead figs. I couldn't bring myself to just use guardsmen in a different colour, so this is my solution.

Each one is meant to be individual, and for them to decidedly not be soldiers.



DSC_6197 DSC_6198

This guy has the most movement. It’s really amazing what you can do with these flagellant robes if you strike off the feet.


 DSC_6200 DSC_6201

This guy looks like he's about to fall over in these pics, but the model on the table looks a lot less goofy, trust me :)


 DSC_6203 DSC_6204

I think, before the black ships found him, this guy worked in a munitorum abattoir.


 DSC_6206 DSC_6207

An older man, he’s been with the guard a long time. and he’s learned the value of a coil of rope :)


 DSC_6209 DSC_6210

This angry bloke is the first of two using Micro arts studio heads I've had for ages and not used. technically they are a bit big for these models, but I'll live with it.



The second Micro arts head. in every case where I’ve used a weaponless arm, I’ve made sure the fig has a holstered pistol/


 DSC_6215 DSC_6216

This ungainly guy represents about the third time in two armies I’ve used this flagellant head. shh, if I paint the hair a different colour no-one will know!


 DSC_6218 DSC_6219

and this last guy has a head from the empire archers box, cos I thought the metal gubbins was cool.

There they are, now I’ve one last thing, it’s a question.

I intend to use this model as thier overseer.


I don't really want to mutilate him, for fear of doing more damage than I intend. but he’s holding a bolt pistol.

if you were playing me, would you let me off, or would it be better to try and neatly hack that off and pop a laspistol on there?

thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Nurgle Daemon Prince conversion - now with paint!


Well here he is.

It’s probably the most sculpting I’ve done on a miniature in years, and I’m not sure I’ve done it justice with the paint.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wailing and gnashing my teeth here, or fishing for compliments, it’s a solid paint job. but the feeling…

I’m happy with the result. let me say that. But it’s the first Nurgley thing I’ve ever painted, and it probably shouldn't have been. I was really feeling my way through this, learning how to paint this style of creature.

And I shouldn't really have set out to learn on something this much of a centrepiece.

Again I must stress, not that I think this is terrible, but that I think maybe had I had more confidence with the nurgle style I could have done better.

Ah well here some more pics, he’s off to his owner today (that's one reason for fewer posts last week, I didn't want to put up WiPs of this) and if there are any major changes needed to fit him into that army, I’ll make em :)

DSC_6177  DSC_6179 DSC_6180 DSC_6181 DSC_6182

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Three More Elysian Drop Troops Painted!


Still enjoying them, just three plasma guys to go until this veteran squad is complete.

Okay, so the only thing that makes them vets is the red stripe.. not like the models are different or anything, but still :)


DSC_6187 DSC_6188

This guy still needs a paintbrush bristle whip aerial on his vox, I’ll get to that later.


DSC_6190 DSC_6191

Ah, the posing. he might almost actually look like he’s firing that weapon :)


  DSC_6193 DSC_6194

I won’t often give them Demo packs, but I had to model them.

That’s it for now, I feel like I’ve a ton of hobby projects on the boil at the moment, and I’m only focussed on my guard. I cant think about the other armies lying around here.

I’m determined to get this lot to a fully painted playable army. – which truth be told I already have in them by now, but I’m talking unit options too.

in the next few weeks I’ll try and get some units done and then I’ll have some questions for the community about lists.

That’ll be interesting.

Thanks for reading!

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