Saturday, 19 February 2011

WiP sculpt, I need some opinions

Oh god, I found time to do something hobby-related!
I am hesitant to post something so very incomplete, but I feel the need to get some opinions if anyone is in the sharing mood.
A while ago a friend and work colleague bought one of the new (then) Demon prince kits, for his new army. he’s a 40k player like me and his new CSM force was going to be Khorne and Nurgle. he built a DP out of the box, and I said (maybe foolishly) “Give me the leftovers and I’ll make a second DP”.
Well I’ve had a look at the contents, and cobbled together a rough take on said DP.  please bear in mind I'm deciding here on the FORM (of the destructor!), we’re a loooooong way from detail yet.
I wanted it to look like it was once a marine, hence the oversized legs and back vents, and that it was able to fire a cone template without being too like the FW world model. though I did steal the barrel Idea.
He’s blu-taked heavily, he needs more pipes and tubes, he hasn't been “nurgled” at all (pustules flesh etc) he is going to get a bigger belly, most likely with guts, and his feet need to be added (hoofish) on looking at these pics I have the sinking feeling that the DP head is a bit small and I might need to find an alternative, maybe an ork head with suitable mods…. dunno.
I’m posting because I’d like to hear any input, while I can still make changes (although the inevitable “make the legs thinner” comments will be nigh impossible at this stage without starting over.) I’m no nurgle expert, but I think I might have something decent here with more refinement and a lot of detailing.
What do you think?
So there you have it, some hobby content, you never know, I might get to paint something too at this rate!


  1. I like where it's going.

    If the calls are for smaller legs and you don't want to re-sculpt them, you could pit them with a pin vice or using the Roll With It method:

    This would get them looking lighter.

    The other option is to bulk out the other parts, and that would be most difficult with the head I'd guess. Depending on how brave you're feeling, you could cut this head horizontally between the teeth, lower the jaw and make the teeth much bigger with greenstuff. Instead, or as well as, you could cut vertically between the eyes, and widen the head in the same way. Adding more horns might help too.

  2. I like the chunky legs, looks like they could actually support such a mass!

    The Flamer built into the hand is an unique touch, for an idea I think it could be blended and mutated into the flesh more. Yummy! :)

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post guys, and for the helpful suggestions as to how I might get sme more detail on htere.

    I intended to try both of your suggestions, I think my main issue at the moment is knowing where to start, and being a little afraid of making things too bulky once I start layering on the details. I have a lot of ideas, - it's going to be about selecting the right ones, and balancing getting the limbs attached, vs having the space to sculpt detail.

    I'll post progress as soon as there is any :)

  4. No critique here, but from the previously mentioned chap who is going to inherit this beast, a comment - absolutely loving how it's come from a box of bits to this. Awesome job, mate.


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