Friday, 25 February 2011

StormBlade built

So against the advice of my readers, I placed the sponsons at the rear. I cant quite say why, it just looks good to me.
I’ve put a few details on the hull, a few tools, spares, aerials and camo netting etc. I’m quite happy with the build, i even did a good amount of gap filling. the only thing not finished is the main gun. oh and all the stuff you guys are going to point out that I’ve missed :)
Here she is.
DSC_6005  DSC_6007 DSC_6009 DSC_6004
I don’t think I’ll emblazon it on her hull or anything, but I think I’ve decided her name is “the sin of alacrity” in honour of the hulk modelled by this tank’s original owner.
Check out his blog if you haven't.
More to the point, check out his raffle where you can win the awesome “sin of alacrity” game board itself!


  1. Looks good - for me it's always "when in doubt, go with the rule of cool". I think the sponsons look best at the rear as well - it's the closest match to the old-school epic/armorcast model look. Can't wait to see it painted up - keep up the great work!

  2. Don't worry about sponsons at the rear -- as Mordian7th said, they look cool. And to be honest, in a game of Apocalypse, if a few inches means anything, you're probably one of the last tanks standing!

  3. Cheers, my good fellow. The sponsons look ideal right where they are. Tiptop.


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