Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sculptus Interruptus

I need a little perspective so I’m leaving this guy for a while now.
I also need to pick up a brita water filter. when that’s done I’ll do some additional detail then prime him. I always like to look again once a model is primed as the change of colour can shift your whole perspective.
Once I’m happy then, I’ll get to paint, but it might be a wee while, so that it can come together in my head.
I can really see the temptation for a modeller to start Death Guard. I already have too many projects in various states of repair, with that in mind I might turn my attention to the guard for a while, I find them easy to paint, and they are (likely for that reason) my most complete current army so far (excepting the ork and ultras from back in the mists).


  1. It not constructive feed back but

    "That's just awesome"

  2. What he said.

    So you're definitely going for the mecha-scythe type weapon eh? Very cool.

  3. I think so.

    The swords are too Khorney (badump-pishhh) so I'd decided on a scythe.

    Originally I was going to fashoin a blade from plasticard, but this sentinel chainblade was just hanging out in my bitz box, so..

  4. Wow, that is a seriously awesome Deamon Prince! Nice and Bulky. I'm lookign forward to seeing more progress!

  5. Looks even better than last post with the full 360 pics. Just not sold on the head, maybe when he's all one colour that will change.

  6. Thanks guys, and Lucky, nice to see a new face, man your gladiator diorama was amazing, consider me a fan.

    Blitz, I'm kinda with you, I want sold, but I dont hate it either. I had decided to add more chins that a chineese phone directory, but when I attached the head I didnt.

    Maybe I need to.

  7. I've just remembered a way of doing compound eyes. Well sort of compound eyes anyway. You need some pipe screens for small pipes (recreational smoking) then a bead of the right size and cover with green stuff. but first mold the screen over the bead. Sod it i'll do a demo on my blog it'll remind me of the process hopefully.

  8. Hrm, Okay..

    From your description I can see how that would work, but I cant quite picture the result.

    In my mind, on a faceted eye, each facet has five or six sides, which is what I tried with the sculpt above (using a pin head of all things) and I was planning to accentuate the edges with paint.

    using a mesh would give you four sides to a facet? If you are up for a demo I'd love to see results. I'll maybe have a go myself too, I have some fine mesh here somewhere I think....


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