Tuesday, 22 February 2011

O sponson where art thou?

Or rather, where shall I put thou, Or thee? or whatever..
So I finally put this together -

And I decided to go with the guard, rather than pack it full of wolves. mainly I think because as a Space Wolf vehicle, I’d probably never get to play it, and it would have to be explained every time.. whereas with the IG option I can play it whenever FW stuff is allowed without issue, or as a spearhead unit.. it’s just easier.
Plus I have that imperial armour book, and the one in there just looks seven kinds of awesome.
I’ve a ton of detail work, and cleanup to do, but I have a question. just a quickie..
Where the hell shall I put the sponsons?
DSC_5997 DSC_5998 DSC_5999
On this variant (Stormsword) I see a lot using the rear or mid positions, and hell I just can’t make my mind up.
Feel free to influence me.


  1. The sponsons forward looks a little funny but hopefully the enemy will be in front of you and being formost will get them in range sooner.
    For looks I would put them in the center position, or you could goto one of the bits services and buy another set of the sponsons and have four.


  2. I prefer to put the sponsons in the central position, I think it looks better there (forward looks kinda odd).

  3. Echoing Tristan - magnets? I'm planning on having four sets of sponsons on mine - possibly with some plasticard to bulk out the sides a bit more

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    yeah, tactically front would seem best, especially with template weapons. but then I've never built for tactics.

    I did consider magnets, in fact I thiought about magnetising the whole model for the six variations, but I know I'll get to play this so rarely that I most likely would never have got to play every incarnation. so I picked the one I liked most. once that choice was made, it makes sense to do a good paint job on it. and I dunno, it must be psychological, but I find it very had to do my best paint on things with moving or detachable parts.

    centre seems the popular choice, althou8gh that said, something about the rear positions appeals.

    maybe because that would leve more uniterrupted siding for me to mess with detail and paint markings on.

    hrm, food for thought

  5. Personally I think the surrounding area on that line looks kind of empty no matter where you put the guns.

    If you push the guns all the way forward you could attach some extra bits, maybe 55g drum barrels strapped to the sides or something extra that will fill up that space and not get in the way of the gun.

  6. I usually op for the center position -- to me, the sponsons just look the best there.


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