Monday, 21 February 2011

Nurgle DP sculpt update

In a continuing series of posting things I haven't finished yet (mainly because finishing them takes a loooong time these days) Here is the current state of the DP.
You might want to ignore that second pic, it’s a bit blurry.
Anyway, he’s had a lot more detail and texture, and a large part of the final form is finished now, I’ve tried to keep asymmetry in mind with the sculpt, while not unbalancing the figure, adding some pustules and wounds, some cabling and hoses and some venom sac looking things building on the whole liquid squirting nastiness theme that the barrels gave me.
the head got changed out and modified, I’ve gone for three fly-ish eyes and I'm going to bulk out the chins once it’s on the body.
I don't think there's a lot left to do, but I do need to find an old water filter for some easy small grain details to finish off some of the skin, as my old fingers cant quite deal with making GS that small.
As with the last post, I’m open and eager for Ideas from anyone out there with a nurgle eye. I’ve never sculpted or painted a nurgle model in my life before :)


  1. Looks good so far. Nice work on the legs, just the right amout of puss/blubbery stuff verses armour.

  2. Thanks Blitz :)

    I know I need to do more "hyper detailing" but I might need to leave him and get some perspective before I do more, for fear of doing too much.

  3. That's what I've found with my (very) tentative first steps in Nurgle-dom. The temptation is to go all out and make them look like walking pustules of nastyness, but I think the balance on this guy is spot-on. No pun intended.


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