Monday, 28 February 2011

Nurgle Demon Prince Sculpt Step by step

Okay, I took step by step pics of the Critter as I worked on it, I’m going to post these with some commentary in the hope that it helps someone, or is at the least useful.
I wont call this a tutorial, because I feel it’s more a record of what was done, rather than a guide as to how to, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions arising from this post.

The raw ingredients as it were. Two arms, a torso front and a head from the DP box. Leftovers from a friend's build.

DSC_5958 DSC_5959
Step one was to create an armature for the legs I would build and mix some putty, Here I am using magic sculp from It’s a good product, softer than GS buit sets rock hard, it blends with water and works like softer, finer milliput. (man that read like an advert, I swear I’m not on commission)
DSC_5960 DSC_5961
I really roughly block out the shape and pose of the legs and at this stage I attached the loincloth I found in the DP box.

Once all this was set, I started in with GS to define the parts more, trying to rough out the shapes for armour plates. the legs needed to feel like 40k legs, as the only part I had from the box for 40k were the mutated backpack vents.

While this cures I start on the weapons, giving the axe a blade from a sentinel, and making it look as much like a scythe as I can. also I make a tube from evergreen plastics (available at all good local hobby stores ;) ) and decide then to “borrow” the forge world idea for the DP as a thing that spews unpleasant fluids.


A more pronounced tummy is blocked in, and a rough back formed, with an barrel embedded in it. at this stage also the parts I intended to use for the rest of the model were impressed into the still wet upper body to provide guides later


While this sets up  the base is given a little detail


I sculpt some lower legs

Then I test fit the parts so fat with blu tak
DSC_5969 DSC_5970 DSC_5971 DSC_5972
The lower legs receive some additional sculpted detailing and the feet are given some form.
Additional bitz are added, such as the guitar wire and the second barrel, rivet heads also help out the kneepad.
At this point I also add the intestines, formed from sausages of GS and attached to the model.
DSC_5973 DSC_5974
Once this is all set, holes are excavated and will later be resculpted to look like wounds or fissures. additional guitar wire tubes are added.

DSC_5975 DSC_5976 
I didn't like the original head so at this point I sculpted another, using a pin head to try and create faceted eyes.

DSC_5978 DSC_5979
Some of the limbs are added and worked in with Greenstuff
The arm got the pin vice and guitar wire treatment, in order to provide a link between the barrel of goo on his back and the nozzle in his arm. additionally, saggy fluid filled puss sacks are sculpted on to provide interest and painting opportunities later.
This is also the stage during which the surface of the stomach is added over the protruding intestines, giving an appearance of a ruptured stomach.
DSC_5980 DSC_5981 DSC_5982 DSC_5983    
The process is repeated on the other side, pinning and gluing the arm then seating it with GS sculpt and finally adding some pus sack details to tie everything in.
That’s pretty much the state he is in at the moment. once I have some distance I will return to him for detail and finishing then move to paint.
Hope you found the post interesting, if not useful and as always, Thanks for Reading.


  1. Really impressive work on this guy. I like the detail in the legs and the guts spilling from his stomach.

    Great work!

  2. That is really awesome. Wish I could do sculpts but I simply don't have the knack for it :/
    Anyway, looking forward to see that guy painted.

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Gents, and S, the only way youll get better at it is to get stuck in.

    some of it's not so hard if you start with a big model, and stick to small changes at first, you'll pick it up!


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