Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I promised you something

It’s certainly not my best work, as it was created in an attempt to show students, step-by step how to create their own.
I think a bit of background is in order. I teach Game design, and as part of a HND character design module we are working backwards, and forwards at the same time, in that students who have created a 3D mesh in maya are also sculpting the same character physically, (just a head/bust) we are then both scanning the sculpt and 3D printing the mesh. that should give thier portfolios some decent fodder, and also it helps them to make the connections with more organic sculpting software such as zbrush.
Anyway, yeah, i had to make a head, in order to show them how to make a head.
DSC_0099 DSC_0097 
Not the best pics either. Its a core of aluminium foil with magic sculp over and a wee bit of paint at the end. overall its about 5” tall.
It’s been a while since I sculpted anything from scratch, ie anything that didn't have a GW part in it somewhere and it was nice to flex the muscles at work.
what was even batter was seeing how the students took to it, especially those students who have a hard time with a pencil, it was nice to be able to show them that it wasn't their creativity that was lacking, just that they express themselves better with other media.

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  1. Excellent. Your description made me think of all of the papier mache over a ballon heads I made as very small boy.


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