Sunday, 13 February 2011

An apology

First to my readers/followers , sorry I've been away. Heck I'm not even saying "I'm back" yet, but I do need to apologise.

Secondly, to the people out there who I entered into collaborative efforts with, or said "yeah I can do that for you" to. I know I've let you down by being away and that's really not good.

Reasons? well I've had a change of timetable at work, pretty much since september, and with my Crohn's disease, that timetable has meant that when I get home, I'm good for nothing. literally. it's also been very hectic as my place of work has had OFSTED this week just gone.

For those outside the UK thats an educational inpsection process. a lot of work pressure comes with that.

I've a literal ton of hobby stuff I want to get done, but I havent touched brush to miniature outside of work for four or five months, I need to finish my wolves, get my speek freeks going, I've got a couple of project for freinds, and my IG to finish off. and this is my first time at my desk for non-work related stuff since way before chrsitmas.

I did manage a couple of things in the realm of sculpting at work, and I might post those in the next few days, if only so that something has appeared here.

And all this with new =][= on the way. ugh.

Anyway, I didnt want to post an excuse post, nor did I want to post an "i'm back" post. but I did want to post an apology.

Sorry everyone.


  1. Absolutely no worries, mate. Pleased to hear that you're still on your feet. I hope and trust that you'll be back on form in good measure.

  2. Absolutely no apology needed. Just really pleased you're back. Looking forward to everything coming, whatever it might be.

  3. Thankyou indeed gentlemen.

    It's always tough when you have an enforced absence from something you are passionate about.

    I'm still unsure as to how much I will get done in the next few weeks, but I have a few days off coming up, and might hopefully acheive somehting then :)


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