Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Long Fang Squad and a Wolf Scout Test

Been quiet for a while, I know. Had very little time to myself what with work being crazy at the moment, and my laptop being stolen and a whole host of other issues I wont bore you with.
I did however get some building done this weekend, and a few weeks ago took the plunge into CMON. more on that later.
I decided I was lacking long range fireepower, and the cheapest way to get that for wolves, is long fangs. I had to ponder where to get missile launchers, and which ones to use, and just as I was pondering this, lo and behold, Forge World issue this pack which is perfect, and fits in with the idea that Long Fangs are some of the oldest marines in the chapter.
I also fancy using the melta/flamers on my blood claws, just cos they look cool.
So here’s the Squad.
There’s still some clean up to do and some gap filling. I might embellish more if I feel they need it after another look., but essentially they are built. I went with 4ML and a Plasma, and gave the leader a plasma pistol.
should cover it :)
This guy was built as a test, and while he holds up, the posing is a tad static, I blame the terrible scout legs, and promise to do better with the next ones :)

On the cool mini topic, I’ve posted some of my guys over there and been pleased to see I’m getting 7’s mostly. that's good, it reflects that I’ve got work to do, but that I’m a bit above tabletop quality.
Take a look if you like.
In one thread a poster suggested I take a WiP and post that for feedback. I might just do that, and try to follow the process on here too.
I’m thinking this guy would make a nice start, what do you all think?
 DSC_5950 DSC_5951 DSC_5952 DSC_5953
I’ve put about 90 minutes into the skin and face so far, so he’s just started :)
he needs a lot of smoothing and final highlight, then colour choice and work for his clothes etc.
We’ll see if I get any feedback on the CMON forums :)


  1. Nice stuff, I love those FW launchers.

    As for cmon, it's strange. Some people tend to waltz in and just 1 everything, while others deal 10s on things that certainly don't deserve it. I guess after a long while with enough promotion you can finally get to the real score. I kinda gave up with uploading anything there though. Mostly because I'd need a better camera to actually take proper shots.

  2. I'm beginning to see why a lot of paintjobs are so much sharper than mine. 90 mins for skin on one mini would be, er, awkward for me.

    I dunno, perhaps I have some mild form of ADHD or something ?


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