Friday, 10 September 2010

We can all have bad days, right?

Well here’s one of mine.
DSC_5921 DSC_5922 DSC_5923
With the first wolf I painted, the guy a few posts back built out of non-wolf bitz, I took my time, and though I wasn't ecstatic about his paint, I thought there was something there to build on.
I went in this time with the intention of trying out the airbrush for speeding up some sections of the army paint. well it sped things up, but I’m not happy.
I know some of the things I did wrong, – I over highlighted with the airbrush for one and had to fix that, I didn't make my NMM gold warm enough, and there are other things.
Upshot is I'm not too keen on the job I did. Luckily this wasn't a core member of the army, it was another test model that I’ll maybe use as a lone wolf. I also used him to test some battle damage Ideas on, rather than the indiscriminate sponge technique I’ve used until now.
So hopefully this weekend I’ll get another stab at some Wolves. though I’m out of “test” figures, so I need to make sure I get it a bit better than this last fellow.
The basing works okay though, for snow.


  1. You do realise that your bad day is way beyond what pretty much any of us can achieve on our best - massively jealous (but in a good way).

    Don't despair too much, I'd still be happy to have that kind of paintjob in my force

  2. Hi bG and Thanks for commenting, thanks also for your words :)

    I guess, well I didnt want to sound like a whiny girl, and I do appreciate that the end result isnt horrible.

    but I think i was tlaking about a couple of thiungs, that everyone experiences regardless of thier "base" level.

    one was that i did make a few mistakes. I worked hard to overcome them, but i could have done without them in the first place :)

    the second is the "feel" i got while painting, hard to explain, but i guess because of those mistakes it just felt wrong, and i made a couple of bad colour choices too.

    lastly, is the end result. now i've said, i know its not horrible, and youve said you'd be happy with the paintjob. I thikn the problem is it's not what i wanted when i set out.

    If i can get it "right" on the next one, i'll show you what i wanted :)

    there might not be any difference, except in the "feel" and in my satisfaction levels - we'll see :)

  3. Haha. Trying to usurp my position as biggest whinger eh ?

    I know what you mean about not acheiving the look/effect you desire (For me it's about normal). I just move on to the next thing. The kool thing being that despite the time and effort invested in one SW (Which as BG says exceeds a lot of other people's abiilties anyway) there is always another one to assemble and paint.


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